“Authoritative release” analysis of 100,000 physical examination big data, these indicators are worth paying attention to

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People’s health is an important symbol of a prosperous nation and a strong and powerful country.In order to realize the “healthy China 2030” planning outline about the goal, can healthy check-up center in performance of the state-owned enterprise society responsibility and bear, conscientiously implement the party central committee and the State Council decision deployment, adhere to the people as the center of the development of ideas, firmly establish a “big health, health” concept, adhere to the principle of “the” prevention first and prevention &treatment combination,Dedicated to improving people’s health services.Based on the physical examination data of about 100,000 people in Fujian in 2021, Fuoneng Health Examination Center releases the annual report of physical examination data. Let’s take a look at the health problems.Total number of People undergoing physical examination in Fuoneng in 2021:According to the experts, each person is the first person responsible for his or her own health.Responsible for the health of the family and the community.The young and middle-aged people aged from 30 to 50 years old are the main force of the society and the potential population for the development of chronic diseases.Regular physical examination and effective health management can help to reduce the incidence of chronic diseases, improve the treatment effect of chronic diseases, improve mental health, thus greatly saving social and family medical expenses.Adolescent development, especially sexual development, is an important link in the growth and development of children and adolescents, and parents should pay more attention to it.Such as precocious puberty, common in girls before the age of 8, the boy before the age of 9 appear secondary sexual characteristics development (to girls appear breast nodules, boys testicular volume increase for the first);Girl mammary gland develops, be true sex precocious still pure breast appears early?Parents often believe that menarche in girls and voice changes in boys are the beginning of development, and in fact have entered the late puberty.The early onset of puberty, early bone age and shortened growth cycle will affect the final height. The high estrogen level of precocious girls may lead to an increased risk rate of breast, ovarian and uterine tumors in adulthood, and many problems such as physiological progress beyond the corresponding psychological state of age.Short stature discovers many children of physical examination short stature.Short stature is defined as height less than 2 standard deviations or below the third percentile of the average height for children of the same race, age, and sex.Childhood growth rate per year (3 years old — adolescence) childhood obesity found many obese children to center a medical fatty liver, acanthosis nigricans, hyperlipidemia, high uric acid hematic disease, high blood insulin and glucose tolerance abnormal endocrine metabolic disorders, such as not to intervene, rate of hypertension, coronary heart disease, diabetes and other chronic diseases in the future.Pay attention to obesity, regular physical examination, early detection of abnormalities, to avoid the development of adult chronic diseases.Vision abnormal children common vision diseases have ametropia (myopia, farsightedness and astigmatism), strabismus, amblyopia.Children under 3 years of age must have a comprehensive eye examination to rule out possible refractive errors, strabismus, and amblyopia.Highly follow-up of visual development and refractive status of school-age children before 7 years of age;The key point within 8-13 years old is to prevent myopia formation.The National Health Commission has issued the Measures for The Administration of Physical Examination for Primary and Secondary School Students, explicitly requiring regular vision screening for primary and secondary school students.Good vision, good future, regular physical examination, early detection of abnormalities and active treatment.Experts say that the health of life, from childhood, the growth and development of children and adolescents is a continuous dynamic process, the growth and development characteristics of each stage is different, so relative to adults, children and adolescents need regular physical examination, timely early discovery of problems, early intervention, early treatment, for the health of children escort.1. Hyperlipidemia can cause a variety of complications, such as coronary heart disease, cerebral apoplexy, atherosclerosis of large arteries, microvascular disease, glomerular disease, retinopathy, etc.Weight control, more exercise, a healthy diet and medication are recommended.2. Hyperuricemia is easy to cause recurrent attacks of gout arthritis, which is manifested as redness and pinprick pain at the joints of lower limbs;And easy to damage the kidney, renal insufficiency, kidney stones and so on.3. Thyroid nodule The residents in coastal areas have a high incidence of thyroid nodule.Thyroid nodule is easy to cause thyroid dysfunction, leading to hyperthyroidism, hypothyroidism and other endocrine system diseases;The larger size of the surrounding tissue is easy to oppression, resulting in breathing, swallowing difficulties, there is a certain risk of cancer.4. Overweight & obesity will significantly increase the risk of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases and endocrine diseases (such as hypertension, hyperlipidemia, diabetes, etc.), and also affect the function of digestive system and increase the probability of tumor occurrence.5. Fatty liver Long-term fatty liver will affect the synthesis and decomposition functions of the liver, easily cause abnormalities in the endocrine system, and have certain risks of cirrhosis and cancer.Experts say big data analysis shows that middle-aged men aged 45 to 65 are the most likely to suffer from heart attacks, hyperlipidemia, obesity and overweight.Life pressure, irregular work and rest, like tobacco and alcohol, lack of exercise are the main factors causing these common diseases.It is suggested that men should give up smoking and drinking, increase the way and frequency of exercise in daily life, pay attention to nutrition in diet, rich and balanced, and regularly improve the examination items of lung, abdominal and blood biochemistry, male tumor markers and so on.1. Mammary gland hyperplasia can appear breast pain lump, menstrual period as drama, affect the quality of life.Regular ultrasound examination is recommended.2. Thyroid nodules are highly common in women, which can easily cause thyroid dysfunction and lead to endocrine system diseases such as hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism.The larger size of the surrounding tissue is easy to oppression, resulting in breathing, swallowing difficulties, there is a certain risk of cancer.3. Hyperlipidemia can cause a variety of complications, such as coronary heart disease, cerebral apoplexy, atherosclerosis of large arteries, microvascular disease, glomerular disease, retinopathy, etc.They should control their weight, exercise more, have a healthy diet, and take medication when necessary.4. Long-term growth of uterine fibroids easily lead to abdominal pain, uterine bleeding, menstrual dysfunction, etc.5. Gynecological inflammation can occur genital itching, abdominal distension, lumbosacral pain, if the pathogen infection may also be infected to the uterine cavity, causing endometritis and other diseases risk.Experts said in recent years in our country or even worldwide, the number of breast cancer increased significantly, one of the fundamental reason is the unceasing change of breast cancer risk factors, such as delayed childbearing, birth less, in the social and economic transformation of the country is experiencing the most obvious, overweight and obesity, and lack of exercise, and causes of the rise in breast cancer incidence of a disease all over the world.It is suggested that the female population should improve the examination of mammary gland, thyroid gland, whole abdomen and other organs regularly every year, and do a good job in the screening of blood biochemistry and female tumor markers.Malignant tumor detection top five male malignant tumor detection top five 1 lung cancer 2 stomach 3 4 colorectal cancer liver 5 esophageal female malignant tumor detection top five 1 2 breast cancer lung cancer 3 thyroid cancer 4 gastric cancer and cervical cancer experts said because our country population ages, the incidence of malignant tumor increased with increasing with age,Cancer screening and early diagnosis and treatment need to be further strengthened.It is suggested that gastroenteroscopy should be added to the selection of routine physical examination items for people over 40 years old, and chest CT should be the first choice for early screening of lung cancer.Female friends should pay more attention to the health problems of mammary gland, uterus, cervix and so on. Regular breast color ultrasound or mammography, cervical TCT, HPV examination.