In memory of Brother Qingyu

2022-06-24 0 By

Everything seems accidental, in fact, is a kind of inevitable.People around one by one to leave, there is a kind of dejected feelings.Qingyu is an elder brother of my family name. He is older than his father.I am eighty-eight this year. I am very sad to hear that Wu passed away the day before yesterday.I remember that brother Qingyu was teaching in the village when I was just growing up (I was 18 years old at that time). I went to his school with my father to take graduation photos. I met a girl who was tall and beautiful.After the introduction of brother Qingyu became my wife.Speaking of which, I miss him very much. It was during the Spring Festival last year that I went to his village to kiss and meet him. At that time, he could not walk freely, sitting in a wheelchair but in good spirits, laughing and talking.Through the departure of brother Qingyu I also think a lot, life can not resist old and sick, still lamenting the merciless life.I had never spoken of death until I was forty, and now at fifty I feel that each day is my last.Cherish the moment!God is very fair, for life and death are the same, when the degree of their own, perhaps the remaining time is not much.So happy life is more important than anything!