Heart!Two firefighters died fighting a New Year’s Eve fire

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On the night of January 31, a fire broke out in a furniture workshop in Hechi, Guangxi province, trapping a family of seven.Firefighters O Paul, Wejid and his comrades as the first force, immediately out of the car.After the fire rescue personnel arrived at the scene, they found that the fire developed rapidly, the sofa processing workshop on the first floor has been fully burned, and the second floor part of the fire was spread upward, seriously threatening the trapped personnel inside.The headquarters on the scene immediately launched rescue operations in accordance with the fire fighting and rescue plan, and successively evacuated 5 trapped people.Confirmed by the scene, there are still 1 old man and 1 child trapped in the fire, the location is unknown, the situation is unknown, very urgent.Ou Paul volunteered, immediately led the government full-time firefighter Wejide risked his life, again along the stairs up layer by layer search and rescue trapped people, in the process of one by one search and rescue room on the second floor, a room suddenly flares.O Paul, Wejid regardless of the safety of personal life, continue to search and rescue trapped people on the third floor, through the joint efforts of the scene rescue workers, successfully searched trapped old people and children, and safely transferred to the ground.The scene of the emergency rescue team in the fire internal search and rescue, respectively in the second, third floor stair platform and the third floor southwest direction room have found in a coma Weigid, Paul.Two people were rescued by the scene medical staff, died of injuries, heroic sacrifice.Oubao, deputy chief of Diandu Fire Rescue Station, Hechi Branch of Guangxi Fire Rescue Corps, junior professional technical position.Wei Jide, guangxi Fire rescue corps Hechi Branch diandu fire rescue station fighter, full-time government firefighter.Hero, all the way!Source: People’s Daily online, @ Guangxi Fire, Guangxi Hechi Fire Editor: An Zhi