Yan Bingtao thundered 3 shots to advance to the Players Championship, zhao Xintong played a poor 3-6 against Hodgins

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The 2022 Snooker Players Championship continues, zhao Xintong lost to Hawkins in the first round, Yan Bingtao broke 100 3 50 garrick Gilbert strong into the last eight!Chao took on Barry Hawkins of the Eagle in the first round. The two most recently met in the semifinals of the UK Championship, where Chao won 6-1!Although zhao Xintong accuracy is still in this game, but the position is too rough, too many mistakes!Can not be effective continuous attack, the opening lost two long stay opportunities, Hawkins even single stroke 61, 91 win two games in a row, 2-0!Hit Zhao Xintong in the head!The third bureau play precision advantage in the dogfight pull back!In the fourth round zhao Xintong took the lead to get 34 points, thin big Angle black ball does not enter, Hawkins hand single stroke 94, then take a game, with a big score of 3 to 1 into the intergame break!Rest back in the fifth game Hawkins defense error, zhao Xintong finally seized the opportunity to hit a smooth attack single stroke 90 to recover a game, the sixth game Hawkins use high quality defense, and next!Four to two!The 8th round zhao Xintong complex situation, around the blue ball hit a super difficult single 62 points to win, the 9th round Hawkins hit a single 50, so as to eliminate Zhao Xintong 6-3 into the final 8!Yan Bingtao almost capsized in the game against Gilbert!In the first 6 sets, Yan bingtao played a perfect performance, breaking 100 with 3 shots, 2 shots and 50 plus, and came to match point 5-1 first. Then Gilbert went for it, hitting straight shots 83, 75, and winning the eighth set in a row.Reducing the deficit to 1 point, Yan Bingtao finally withstood the pressure!In the 10th bureau into the long stage red ball up a single stroke 59 won the game, 6 to 4 narrowly win Gilbert into the 8 strong!Yan Bingtao will eliminate Zhao Xintong’s Hawkins in the 10 evening 21 o ‘clock 8 strong match!In the two matches in the early morning, O ‘Sullivan was in hot condition, smashing 5 shots 50 plus 1 shots to break 100, knocking out Trump 6-3, Walton again put on a dark horse, Allen was in a slump, Walton only shot 50 plus 1 in the whole match,Beat Allen 6-2 to advance to the final 8 Higgins VS Vafluka VS Jimmy Robertson at 21am tonight Walton VS Martin bin-tao VS Barry Hawkins at 3am stay tuned!Yan bingtao was the runner-up in the final in 2020.Welcome to discuss in the comments section!