This week, Xiangtan has another heavy rain process!

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“I want to be rich, you get out of the way!”Xiangtan a woman insisted on giving strange account remittance, police bitterly advised……Today is the 15th day of the first lunar month, we are celebrating the Lantern Festival. It is the night of the first full moon in the New Year. I wish you all the best.Rain and snow are expected to be the main keynote in Hunan in the next three days,Specific weather ~ take a look at xiangtan according to the latest meteorological data analysis on February 16 solstice 17, affected by the high volatility and low-rise shear line in xiangtan city will have a rain weakened to the heavy rain process in 18, 19 solstice 20, the day the weather improves short 20 concrete and there will be a rainy weather forecast later on February 15, the following 8 ~ 16 08: Cloudy to light rain, north wind force 2, 4 ~ 12℃;8 o ‘clock, February 16 ~ 8 o ‘clock, February 17: light rain to moderate rain, local heavy rain, north wind force 3, 7 ~ 9℃;Feb. 17: cloudy with moderate to heavy rain, north wind 3 ~ 4 force, 3 ~ 6℃;February 18: light rain to cloudy day, north wind level 3 ~ 4, 2 ~ 4℃;Feb. 19: Cloudy skies, north wind force 3, 3 ~ 8℃;Feb. 20: Cloudy to light rain, north wind force 3, 5 ~ 7℃.Meteorological experts advise to guard against the adverse effects of cloudy weather on transportation, agriculture and other aspects.This week, the cold air is active, the temperature is up and down, pay attention to cold insulation and heating electricity, fire, gas safety.Xiangtan online client xiangtan Daily all media reporter Chen Ying original title: “This week, Xiangtan again in the process of heavy rain!”