The first medical line | primary school stage every year myopia development speed is greater than 75 degrees already belonged to high risk crowd myopia prevention and cure how many do you know?

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Photo: Zhu Jianfeng receiving treatment by Xinmin Evening News reporter Xu Cheng (the same below)”Low concentration atropine insisted on dripping, how useless?””The lutein that buys on the net ate half an year, why a bit effect also do not have?”As the new term is approaching, the ophthalmic clinic is not surprised to see the peak of myopia follow-up and lens matching for students.Shanghai Eye Disease Prevention and Control Center (Shanghai Eye Hospital) has set up myopia prevention and control clinic, high myopia prevention and control clinic, myopia /OK mirror special clinic and so on in the newly opened Hongqiao Road hospital area to provide targeted services for patients.Last week, this reporter saw anxious mothers complaining about their children’s “playing with mobile phones and tablets” while asking doctors about various problems at myopia prevention and control clinics.How fast is the degree going up?”Make you disobedient and play games every day!””Say something about him, Doctor!If it comes to which clinic is most likely to ignite mother’s anger, myopia prevention and control clinic is definitely on the list.The child is reluctant to see the nearsightedness, and if the degree rises, the anxious mother often scolds her face before leaving the clinic.Such a scene is very common in the outpatient clinic of zhu Jianfeng, director of the optometry center and chief of the prevention and treatment section of the hospital.Xuan Xuan, a 10-year-old boy, had a winter holiday when his temperature went up by 25 degrees, but he didn’t care.”Many children watch screens for several hours a day, and winter vacation is the peak for the development of myopia among students.Generally speaking, an average rise of 100 degrees a year is relatively fast, but an increase of 25 degrees in a month must be paid attention to.”Zhu jianfeng said.Winter sunshine time is short, this year is cloudy and rainy, hindering the pace of activities outside, children at home is not doing homework is playing electronic products, easy to cause excessive use of eyes.Before school began, “small glasses” people rang the original glasses have not seen clearly;Some were fine, but their eyes narrowed.In recent years, the incidence of myopia has become younger. The youngest patient Zhu Jianfeng treated was only 1 year old, and most of the children developed myopia in the second or third grade of primary school.If we do not pay attention to prevention and control, the degree rises quickly. Some children in kindergartens reach 300 degrees, primary schools 400 or 500 degrees, and junior high schools reach more than 600 degrees.According to Shanghai children dioptric development archives database shows, at present the whole city’s school-age children high myopia (above 600 degrees) the number of about 60,000 people!Myopia comes on to concern with heredity and environmental factor, but development speed is fast and oneself use eye habit to have very big concern.Once develop become high myopia harmfulness is very big.Zhu Jianfeng said, the younger the age, the faster the development of myopia, such as primary school myopia development rate is greater than 75 degrees, belong to the high-risk group, the possibility of high myopia in the future.Myopic should wear glasses?”One wears glasses certainly can’t take off, although we match, but try not to wear.”At the clinic, the mother of lele, a fifth-grade girl, said.Neither of Lele’s parents is nearsighted, and she was 300 degrees nearsighted and fitted with glasses at her last check-up.Her parents are afraid that wearing glasses every day will form dependence, the degree is easier to rise, let her try not to wear, and did not take her to review regularly.Unexpectedly, it was already 575 degrees before school started.”Not wearing glasses does not prevent the rise in myopia and may even accelerate the development of myopia.Parents should not be afraid to wear glasses.Zhu jianfeng said.Zhu jianfeng said intervention is usually decided based on the child’s age, myopia and parents’ demands.Low concentrations of atropine and glasses can usually be used for control in younger children;The orthokeratology lens (0K lens) can be worn by people over 8 years old. However, the OK lens has high requirements on the shape of the cornea of the eye and cannot cure myopia, but only delay the rise of myopia.Many parents “superstitious” low concentration of atropine, before the school has foreign parents looking for “buy”.Zhu jianfeng said the low concentration of atropine should be used under the guidance of doctors.Although existing results show that it is effective in controlling myopia, it is not suitable for everyone and should not be used blindly.”Atropine does not mean you can rest easy, eye habit is still a determining factor.Parents need to understand that once myopia has developed, there is no cure. All we can do is control the rate of progress.”Zhu Jianfeng stressed.What preventive measures are effective?The mother of duoduo, a 5-year-old boy, brought her son to the ophthalmology prevention center to have his eye axis measured.She had done her homework and knew that nearsightedness was related to the axis of the eye.”His eye axis has increased by 0.1 mm, is it nearsighted?”‘she asked nervously.Zhu Jianfeng laughed that she had some “eye axis anxiety”.”The axis of the eye is a developmental indicator and cannot be moved from a lower age to a higher age.The younger the child is, the faster the increase of the eye axis, the lower the age of children’s eye axis increase 0.1 mm a year is a physiological increase, parents do not need to worry, after puberty if the increase 0.1 mm will cause attention.”Zhu jianfeng said.Some parents are superstitious about children’s lutein, myopia recovery and other net red products, the price is not cheap, but the effect has not reached the expected.Zhu said many parents put the cart before the horse by giving their children too much homework, neglecting outdoor activities, neglecting eye hygiene and spending money on products.He introduced that lutein is an essential trace element in the macula in the eye. Lutein supplementation can prevent light damage and macular disease, but it has no direct relationship with the prevention and treatment of myopia.The eye patch mainly relaxes the muscles around the eye and alleviates visual fatigue, which has some benefits for the prevention and control of myopia indirectly, but cannot play a decisive role.Zhu jianfeng suggests following the “3010” rule for close eye use, namely resting your eyes for 10 minutes for 30-40 minutes;Keep good reading and writing posture and do eye exercises twice a day.Studies show that outdoor activity can prevent myopia.It is best for school-age children to spend more than 2 hours in outdoor activities every day, and it is recommended for preschool children to spend 3 hours in outdoor activities, which should be carried out when the light is strong in the day.It takes home and school to work together to get children out of the classroom and into the sun.In addition, at home, parents should create a good light environment for children, and ensure that children sleep enough;Eat a balanced diet of carrots, corn, red cabbage, tofu, blueberries and other foods.”The prevention and control of myopia is a ‘protracted war’, the treatment of early onset is very important, the most afraid of the early onset of the young age do not pay attention to, the degree of a sudden increase very fast.”Zhu suggested starting from the lower grades, parents take their children to have their eyesight checked once a semester, and take intervention measures under the guidance of doctors.Xinmin evening news chief reporter Zuo Yan correspondent Chen Yan