Spring Festival to spend the year of Culture in Confucius

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On February 1st, the Activity of “Lucky Chinese New Year in Confucius House” was launched in front of Confucius House, marking the beginning of the new Lunar New Year.Visitors walk through the maninsan palace wall and walk into the Sankong Scenic spot at 10 am. With the joyful sound of gongs and drums, the “Spring Greeting ceremony” of The Confucius Palace was formally staged.The staff changed into the traditional Chinese New Year pictures of fu, lu and longevity “three stars” and walked to the scene, causing the tourists and friends present cheering.”Lucky star” holding such as intention tourists New Year, “birthday star” holding peach to send health blessing for the old people, the most popular is “god of wealth” – he opened the hands of the “gold ingot”, to the tourists around the blessing bag and candy, for the tourists to send a sweet life, family well-being, happiness and peace of the New Year.It is understood that the “Kong Mansion Chinese New Year” series of activities has been continued for many years, this activity project highlights, respectively, including “lion dance na Fu gong Wake up New Year”, “Holy house for happiness, more Flavor of the New Year”, “Samsung blessing, warm Spring”, “enjoy the fun folk customs, cultural feast” and other activities.Visitors show the prizes they received in the activity “Happy Year of the Tiger!”In front of the wan Ren Palace wall, a huge red antique door is very eye-catching. In front of the door, two cartoon characters, a man and a woman, stand opposite to each other and bow their hands. The two chaperones wearing tiger hats are very cute.The crowd was bustling in front of the door, and everyone was racing against time to take photos in front of the door.Xu Yichao, from Xingtai, Hebei province, has just clocked in with his friends in front of an online celebrity and is uploading photos to his moments.”Traditional culture has to be red, hot and alive. The Internet celebrity gate is good. The festival atmosphere is great!It’s not in vain!”Xu yichao said the collision with the flow of Internet celebrities has made traditional culture more alive.Tourists take photos in front of the “Internet red Gate” while the “Big Zai Confucius” Spring Festival painting and calligraphy exhibition, one of the series of activities to celebrate the Chinese New Year, opened at the rear six rooms of the Confucius Residence in qufu’s three-hole scenic area.The painting exhibition tells the story of Confucius in ink, and restores Confucius with life. It creatively creates an amiable, respectable and lovely side of Confucius, which has strong appreciation and artistic value.To present a high standard of exhibition for everyone, let visitors eat cultural feast.Samsung Blessing “On the basis of reproducing the unique flavor of ‘the first house in the world’, we restore the traditional customs of the Spring Festival and add more cultural activities, so that tourists at home and abroad can truly experience the authentic traditional Customs of the Chinese nation during the Spring Festival in the hometown of Confucius.Zhang Lei, deputy general manager of Sankong Cultural Tourism, said that he hoped that through holding the large-scale theme activities of “Confucius New Year · Lucky Chinese Year”, tourists would harvest etiquette civilization in the interesting tour, promote more excellent Traditional Chinese culture and modern social life, and let more people fall in love with the Chinese New Year.