Real Madrid lead la Liga with 53 points after a narrow 1-0 win, while Barcelona move up to fourth place 4-2

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For daily sports news, click on the upper right corner to follow the evening of February 6 to 7 Beijing time, the 23rd round of La Liga took place in four matches.Valencia held Real Sociedad to a goalless draw at home, failing to convert a total of 25 shots.Barcelona beat Atletico Madrid 4-2 at home, with goals from Alba, Garvey, Araujo and Dani Alves, while Carrasco and Suarez helped atletico Madrid with goals each.Real Betis were beaten at home, losing 2-0 to Villarreal, with goals each from Bao Torres and Capue.Real Madrid beat Granada 1-0 with Asensio scoring the only goal of the game.Barcelona and Atletico Madrid match to watch.Both sides have had poor results this season, with Atletico winning the first leg and Barca returning home to seek revenge.Atletico scored quickly as Suarez set up Carrasco to score in the eighth minute.However, Barcelona were quick to respond.One of Alba’s celestial kicks went through the gate guarded by Oblak.The goal lifted Barcelona’s spirits.Then Garvey and Araujo both grabbed the opportunity to finish the goal.Barca led atletico 3-1 in the first half.Alves was the centre of attention in the second half, scoring a fine goal before being sent off for a foul.Luis Suarez headed home to close the gap before Daniel Alves was sent off.The dismissal of Alves allowed Atletico to play one more man and it was a good chance to continue chasing the score.However, under barca’s defense, Atletico never managed to score again.The final score was settled at 4-2, with Barcelona beating Atletico.Dembele, who did not renew his contract with Barcelona, did not get a chance to play and was completely abandoned.In fact, the new addition of Traore very perfect to fill dembele’s position.Real’s stronger side dominated possession against Granada, with the likes of Asensio, kroos and Isco missing their shots.Granada had a number of chances in the first half, but also failed to score.Real stepped up their attack and played more aggressively in the second half before finally scoring in the 74th minute when Asensio scored from distance.The goal was worth its weight in gold.In the end, it was this goal that gave Real Madrid a narrow 1-0 victory.In the standings, Real Madrid remain top on 53 points, six points ahead of sevilla behind them.Real Betis remain in third place with 40 points.Barcelona moved past Atletico with their win, moving up to fourth place and into the Champions League with 38 points.Atletico, on the other hand, dropped to fifth place with 36 points.