80,000 tons a day!This sewage treatment plant is awesome!

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Recently, caijia sewage treatment plant phase ii expansion project completed.It is reported that the project formally put into use, The CAI sewage treatment plant will increase the daily treatment capacity of 40,000 tons, the plant daily treatment capacity will reach 80,000 tons, become beibei daily treatment capacity of the largest sewage treatment plant.Sewage plant phase ii expansion project from the home of CAI on Feb. 16 in the afternoon, small cloth at the scene of the CAI family sewage plant phase ii expansion project to see, between the second phase of the coarse grid, vortex type grit chamber, the improved oxidation ditch, the second pond, filter cloth filter, sterilization tank and other major projects have been completed and all relevant supporting facilities have been installed, officially entered the final stages of the test and operation process.In the sewage treatment tank, the dirty domestic water after a process of treatment, turned into a trickle.In the future, the maximum daily sewage treatment capacity will be 180,000 tons. “The effluent water quality of the project shall comply with the First-class A standard in the” Pollutant Discharge Standard for Urban Sewage Treatment Plants “.After a number of processes, the sewage flows into different ponds for treatment, and is discharged into the adjacent Jialing River through new stepped culverts after the water quality is tested to meet the standards.In order to ensure that the whole process system has a strong impact load capacity, we studied the process flow and parameter design in an all-round and multi-angle, and combined with the operation of the first phase, part of the second phase of the structure and design layout and parameters optimization adjustment.”Chongqing Three Gorges Water Beibei drainage Limited liability company party branch secretary Zheng Xingyu introduced, CAI Jia sewage treatment phase ii expansion project in the equipment to increase the pump room, belt type concentration dehydrator and other equipment capacity expansion, while adding improved oxidation ditch, filter cloth filter and other structures.In addition, with the future development of CAI Jia area and the demand of population growth, CAI Jia sewage treatment plant will be gradually expanded according to the actual situation, the long-term will reach the maximum daily sewage treatment capacity of 180,000 tons.It is understood that the first phase of the CAI Jia Sewage treatment plant project is located in the North end of the Jia Yue Bridge, CAI Jia Gang street, and has been completed and put into use in 2016.The second phase expansion project is adjacent to the first phase, with a total investment of about 290 million yuan and a construction land area of about 34,000 square meters.The service scope covers Caijiagang Street, Tongjiaxi Town and Shijialiang Town, which will further alleviate the problem of sewage treatment in this area, greatly improve the surrounding water environment, and further enhance the sewage treatment capacity of the whole area.At present, the second phase of the expansion project is progressing smoothly, equipment commissioning and related procedures are being handled, and it is expected to be put into trial operation in the near future.