“Initial Spirit” Zhang Huihui: Occupy the mind of young people, open the future wine social

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The transformation of established online retail, the emergence of innovative retail terminals and the huge change in consumption habits of generation Z all accelerate the explosion of low-alcohol wine track in 2020.The social, self-pleasing nature of low-alcohol alcohol has given young people a new option for drinking alone at parties.Rich consumption scenes and short video media promotion catalyze the market share of low-alcohol wine.In the fresh air, young low-alcohol liquor brands at the beginning of the “gas” had just finished millions angel round, in the first process in the production of low-alcohol liquor liquor brand positioning to join the competition, to create depth fit young users “third social space” low-alcohol liquor brand as the goal, aims to explore and to meet user demand for fashion culture and diversified lifestyle.Today we have contacted Zhang Huihui, the partner of “Chu Qi” wine, to talk about how they practice the core of “anti-homogeneity” brand culture.How to create more products that young people love?Maker: How do you see the competition on the low-alcohol circuit?Zhang Huihui: I think this is a very good phenomenon, because with the change of The Times, the age structure of consumers is also iterating.The concept of consumption and drinking in the whole market is gradually changing to health and tipsy.The phenomenon of new brands blooming is to comply with The Times, but also to follow the concept of new consumers emerged at the historic moment.I believe that we all feel the cruelty of competition — based on the differentiated selling points of brands, both product development and brand concept will bring consumers a completely different experience.I think the only thing we need to do now is to give consumers the products they really want. Unlike other consumer goods, wine has a strong personality and is far more complex than general FMCG products. To make this track, we need to race against time and make friends with time.Maker: What is the opportunity for “young people with creative perspectives” to work together to create “Primal Qi”?What is the role of the founding team in brand development?Zhang Huihui: AFTER graduation, I worked as a designer, then moved into the new retail and liquor industry. I am currently the third-level liquor taster and the first-level whiskey taster in China.I met this group of young people by chance as a multi-entrepreneur, which I think is a kind of fate.They are a group of young people who are very idealistic and practical. Our brand concept and corporate values are very much in line with each other.Each partner of the company comes from a different industry, and they provide valuable ideas and ideas to the brand from different angles, which are then combined to inspire different inspirations.To serve the new consumers in the new era, I think innovation is very important. The diversification required by innovation is exactly the core trait possessed by our team whose average birth year is 95.Let young people decide on innovation and creativity, and build brand culture together — this process brings inspiration and collision of thinking is very rare, which is also the vitality and strategy that a young company should have.We really believe in young people’s choices and aesthetics, and we have to dare to make a difference.This is a bold decision. It comes from the overall tone of our team. We are not trying to create a demand, but to explore the untapped potential market of young people today, about baijiu, tipsy and the Renaissance of China.Maker: what’s new about the concept of “future baijiu social interaction” emphasized by “Chu Qi”?What consumption characteristics are targeted at the target population?Zhang Huihui: First of all, most of the young users still choose to drink foreign wine. We are faced with a market full of foreign culture, and the products of the same category are based on whiskey or vodka.From the very beginning, we refused “national appearance and foreign heart”, thinking that we must create alienation, so we firmly chose China’s own liquor as the base wine.Baijiu carries a very traditional Chinese culture, but the problem is that there is a fault in its communication with the current young consumers. Therefore, we thought of bridging the traditional baijiu culture with consumers and carrying the market’s demand and identity for baijiu.More hope to help Chinese wine culture to go abroad in a new form, let Chinese wine culture go out to war, can occupy a place in the world wine market.”Young people don’t drink baijiu because they’re too young,” Mr. Ji said.Big data shows that only 8% of young people actually drink baijiu, so we are using a new way to get another 92% of young people to drink baijiu.Chuqi tries to deconstruct and recombine the current traditional Chinese liquor products, users’ spiritual demands and consumption age groups. We want to be different, but also want to become the preferred low-alcohol and trendy drink in the different and rebellious way, pay tribute to the young consumers who are unique, and use products to convey brand value and create a new lifestyle.Our users are more like experience officers and partners, must dare to play, dare to love, full of passion for life.”Maker” : Data shows that “Primatech” has spent a lot of energy on product testing in the two years since its establishment. What is the impact on product development?What impressed you?Zhang Huihui: Yes, our product development took about seven months, because there is no reference in the market, and we do not want to directly adopt the “doctrine” to use foreign technology and ratio, because we want to do something different.Our Chinese taste buds are the richest in the world, and Chinese food and beverage consumers are also the most picky. We use the test method that seems to waste the most time, but it is also the most painstaking.Nearly 4,500 initial gas experience officers, more than 4,000 bottles of product test samples, after more than 50 iterations of research and development to mix the product to meet the taste of our people.After the long, arcane process of development and refinement, 95 percent of the experience and experience views rated it as fresh, relatively crisp, fresh and smooth.We removed some of the dryness and spiciness of baijiu and added a lot of fruit juice, which made it very lively and pleasant to drink. One of our experience officers even said, “WHEN I drink your wine again, I feel like I have my first breath of fresh air.”Maker: What are the plans of Primochi in terms of the layout of the product line? Is there any plan to add more SKUs?Zhang Huihui: Definitely, “Chu Qi” will have a very rich SKU and brand matrix in the future, with more new flavors and products with different alcohol levels.Of course, we are ultimately product-oriented and focus on consumer demand. The new products in the future are in rapid progress. Please look forward to them.Maker: Do you have any expectations for the consumption scene of Primal Air?Zhang Huihui: I think it should be left to the consumers to decide. We want people to relax a little bit when we do this thing. It should not be us who define it, maybe drinking alone, or a party live house, or any scene that wants to relax and be happy.Frankly speaking, our team also drinks a little at work. What we hope to bring to consumers is a normal drink, because of its health properties of low alcohol and low sugar, which will not cause psychological burden to consumers. This is also the original intention of our product.The Maker: Which channels are the brands sold through?What is the next online and offline channel layout planning?Zhang Huihui: Our online e-commerce sales channels are rapidly layout, including taobao, JINGdong, Pinduoduo, Douyin and other platforms are gradually followed up.But we have just started to penetrate the offline channels. At present, more than 300 restaurants in Shanghai have put our products on the shelves, and some dealers and users in central China have called for investment.In terms of future distribution, we will take a steady step and make joint efforts online and offline. We will continue to adjust and plan according to the market performance.Of course, it is very certain that you will be able to buy our products in all laifen stores online and offline.Maker: What is the brand’s marketing plan for 2022?Zhang Huihui: In 2022, we will carry out the overall layout with a long-term development perspective, and continue to achieve the goal of common development of healthy products and trendy brands. Therefore, we will pay close attention to some cultural activities and consumption scenes favored by consumer groups in the new era.At the same time, combined with the online and offline content matrix, we will provide consumers with strong and sustainable cultural content output, contribute to China’s low-alcohol liquor, and combine good quality products with the cultural market demand.The Maker: What are the phased achievements of the brand in the past two years?Zhang Huihui: “Chu Qi” was officially launched on July 1st last year, and it has only been on the market for half a year. First of all, WE are very lucky to meet you in 2021.Since the launch of major e-commerce platforms, Tmall alone has seen more than 500,000 GMVS in a month.From the performance of the overall repurchase rate, users are very recognized by the taste and service of our products.Tiktok has just completed construction this month, and has started to make efforts to live broadcast goods. Meanwhile, we have cooperated with many offline brands, such as Shanghai’s local art exhibition space, mahua Funage theater cooperation and promotion, and the old Live House club.I would like to share an interesting story with you. At a live house performance, a customer said that the whole venue was filled with the aroma of our products.This makes me very moved and gratified, because the market has seen our efforts in creating products, which is also our confidence in products and the reason why the market loves us.In the future, we will step by step show the blueprint of the future baijiu social plan, and then form a unique circle through high-quality products and trendy culture gathering, and open up the era of real domestic sparkling wine.Maker: What are the goals for Primal Chi in the next 3-5 years?Ms. Zhang: Our goal is not just three or five years, but the next decade is a critical period for the development of low-alcohol wine.To be honest, low-alcohol liquor started to explode in the second half of last year. We need to overcome the real demand of the market, the technical research and development problems, and the three tests of the brand commercialization model.”Chu Qi” adhere to the width of the industry, the depth of the track, long-term development strategy, to focus on the low-alcohol wine category, expand and strengthen the Chinese brand, to become an international brand.In my opinion, in the future, only those enterprises that dare to break through innovation, return to the essence of products, manage users with heart, and then continue to operate steadily can stand out in the whole industry. This is also the prospect and goal of “Chu Qi”.