“Futures market plate surface” LPG, soybean meal jumped the limit of more than 1.4 billion capital “crazy” into this variety

2022-06-22 0 By

On February 7, 2022, flushline commodity index rose 2.67%, specific varieties rose and fell as follows: futures varieties (active) rose, the top three were: LPG(+10.00%), rapesmeal (+8.39%), soybean meal (+7.99%);Futures varieties (active) drop list, the first three are: Shanghai lead (3.01%), starch (1.67%), zinc (0.81%) in Shanghai.Futures (active) inflows, the top three were: crude oil (+ 1.483 billion), PVC(+ 1.137 billion), apple (+ 908 million);Futures (active) fund outflow, the top three were: iron ore (-240 million), Shanghai gold (-216 million), Shanghai silver (-143 million).Futures varieties (active) positions increased, the top three are PVC(+ 67,800 lots), sugar (+4.65 lots), plastic (+ 42,900 lots);Futures varieties (active) positions decreased, the top three are methanol (-59,500 lots), soybean meal (-18,800 lots), Shanghai Silver (-11,300 lots).Futures varieties (active) rise in trading volume, the first three are: peanut (+ 55%), apple (+ 32.14%), urea (+ 22.95%);The top three futures (active) declined in volume: soybean meal (-74.18%), crude oil (-67.45%), gold (-63.33%).