Better than the submarine steel Manatee all new 4008 tells you

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France: Although $70 billion order is gone, the steel tensile strength of my submarine is 980Mpa.Hey hey, small super, the tensile strength of automobile thermoforming steel is 1600Mpa cough cough, classmate, wake up, look at the guy below, do you think the automobile can be compared with the submarine?As an honest editor, the tensile strength of automotive steel can really reach the submarine standard, for example, the steel strength of Wowo S90 in column A\B\C reaches 1600Mpa, the steel strength of Ben S class also reaches 1500Mpa, and the new French 4008 can also reach 1600Mpa.Of course, I also know their weight, a single steel plate is really strong, combined structural strength is naturally less than the submarine.For example, the thickness limit of ultra-high strength steel is 2.4mm for vehicles, 20mm for submarines and 460mm for battleships.(The world’s largest typhoon class nuclear powered submarine, steel tensile strength of 1100 MPa) why are contemporary cars love to use ultra-high strength steel?Back to the point, what exactly is ultra-high strength steel and why does it have to be used in modern cars?(Aircraft landing gear is ultra high strength steel) As the name implies, ultra high strength steel refers to a higher strength than ordinary high strength steel.In manufacturing terms, ultra-high strength steel is heat-formed steel.The tensile strength of general high strength steel plate is about 400-450mpa, and it is increased to 1300-1600 MPa after heating and forming.The heat-formed ultra-high strength steel is three to four times stronger than ordinary steel, second only to ceramics in hardness, but with the toughness of steel.Therefore, the body made of ultra-high strength steel greatly improves the anti-collision ability and overall safety of the body, which will play a good role in protecting the occupants in a collision.However, the cost of hot forming ultra-high strength steel is much more than ordinary steel, and many car companies with high sales are often hyped and carefully used.For example, none of Ben Tian’s models in China use super-high strength steel formed by overheating.In addition, German non-luxury brand models, is also completely wiped out.What is more ridiculous is that Tian first used 1500MPa ultra-high strength steel in the latest Kai Mirage in the last 2-3 years.The use of ultra-high strength steel for French cars is a process from secondary protection to main protection.The new 4008 adopts 22 hot-formed ultra-high strength steel plates with a strength of more than 1300MPa in the position of door anti-collision beams, stiffeners, middle columns and wind window pillar stiffeners.The proportion of high strength steel used in the whole vehicle is 74.2%.For example, in the picture above, the new 4008 door bumper has a strength of 1500MPa, which is used to withstand side impact.In life, when crossing the road, an electric car ran a red light, double W type anti-collision beam can resist and intercept the role.If the strength is not enough, it is the water rushed into the Dragon King temple!In the composition of the cockpit pillar A, pillar B, roof protection, side enclosure, the important parts of the rear passenger cabin, the new 4008 uses 1600MPa ultra-high strength thermoforming steel, and the WO Wo S90 in the steel material.Then, the question comes, how is the protective effect of 1600MPa thermal forming ultra-high strength steel plate?In terms of protection strength.For example, if a whale weighs 18 tons on an ant, the pressure is about 1600MPa.To put that in perspective, it’s the equivalent of 10 elephants dancing on top of your fingernails.(In the crash experiment, if the strength is not strong enough, the Tesla cockpit will crush and the door will not open.) In the French concept of protection, ultra-high strength steel also prevents secondary injuries.We know that when a car crashes, the cockpit deforms, and when it deforms too much, it squeezes the door, and the door doesn’t open, and you can’t get out of the car in time, causing secondary injuries.The tensile strength of 1600MPa ultra-high strength steel plate is high, and it is not easy to deform and tear, so people can be evacuated from the car in time.(the new 4008 side impact experiment, check whether the cockpit deformation and door open) with a strong B-pillar, the new 4008 also designed anti-collision pin on the door, using the pin fixed on the door level anti-collision bar, the collision ability to transfer to the B-pillar and the body, to avoid the door inward sag, occupy the occupant cabin space.How deep is the water in which the steel is welded?Three times as many luxury cars as entry-level cars!!However, complete cockpit basic hardware safety also includes the welding process.However, welding is time-consuming and costly, so many car companies play a game of unequal information and hide the welding link.Let’s put it this way. For a Korean brand, the number of solder joints in an entry-level car is 1700 and 3000.The Wo Evo S90 long wheelbase version has 5,789 solder joints.How, in terms of volume, S90 is not even 50% larger than some na, but in terms of solder joints are more than 3 times more!!SO, why do good cars have SO many solder joints?The scientific conclusion is that solder joints directly share the impact force of vehicles.In the event of a high-speed collision, the more solder joints are distributed, the less impact force shared by each solder joint, the safer the car body.For example, when two cars collide in a traffic accident, if the welding spot on the car is not enough and strong enough, the steel plate will be unwelded and directly squeezed into the cockpit, to a “iron meat”.The new 4008 and WO Erwo S90 also use ultra-high density welding, the number of solder joints up to 5420, and adopted in the most critical body rail and roof parts of the laser welding, welding length reached 8.1 meters.At the same price vw PA Sutter has a laser welding of 3.6 meters.With safety at all costs, the new 4008 overseas model passed the European crash test and the 樶 difficult 40% offset crash.Domestic models have passed c-NCAP crash test five star safety certification.In fact, ultra-high strength steel, aluminum alloy anti-collision beams, these things are not rare at the moment.Not to mention Japan and Germany are big steel countries, using this stuff is purely a cost consideration.But now we have put Japanese and German cars on a pedestal, people are not fools, naturally they will not use these things to show sincerity.Not only that, in the current chip shortage situation, people have to withdraw market incentives.Ap Sutter’s offer was cut from 30,000 yuan to 5,000 yuan, and some decorations had to be purchased.The new 4008, on the other hand, is much kinder.The high cost of materials and technology did not affect its market sincerity.In contrast, despite the chip shortage, the car still has more generous discounts and promotions.At present, Dongfeng Peugeot launched a “three years first enjoy” policy.Take the new 4008 360THP Sharpening version as an example, installments for three years, the down payment is 6666 yuan, the monthly payment is 1988 yuan, and the daily payment is as low as 66 yuan.After three years, Peugeot will buy back 65 percent of the original price when it wants a replacement.At the same time, car security is also taken into account for you, 5 years / 150,000 km vehicle quality guarantee.Like to buy compact SUV partners, might as well go to the 4S shop test drive.The driving sense and interior quality of French cars will surprise you in practical experience.