Lay the foundation for a healthy New Year!The People’s Daily health 100 List for January was released

2022-06-20 0 By

“Is it true that the left eye jumps for money and the right eye jumps for disaster?””To test you for subway sickness?””What are the treatments for colorectal cancer at different stages?””More than half of children under one year old have secretory otitis media. What is this disease?”…New Year new atmosphere, health is still the focus of attention.In the year of Yin and Tiger, what are the health-related issues worth our attention?The People’s Daily Health 100 List for January reveals the answer.The outstanding creators of this issue are “Dermatology Cui Yong”, “Chaoyang Thoracic Surgery Li Hui”, “Liu Yanchun”, “Spinal surgery Professor Lin Hong”, “Concord surgical Chen Jianghai”, etc., involving craniocerebral department, thoracic surgery, oncology, dermatology, orthopedics and other disease fields.The “People’s Daily Health 100 List” is a public health list jointly released by The People’s Daily Health account and Baidu Health. According to the overall operation data of the two platforms in January,Excellent popular science works, monthly influencers and monthly public welfare influencers were selected from the comprehensive dimensions of professional content, popularization of science, authoritativeness of authors, activeness and amount of interaction.Give full play to the positive role of Internet + health communication, help authoritative doctors, hospitals and health education experts to create popular science, and build a new ecology of Internet health knowledge.People’s Daily Health Hundred List will meet with you regularly every month to share and recommend more excellent health science popularization works and quality creators, please look forward to it.People’s Daily Health, gather the strength of doctors, authoritative popular science expression!Welcome medical experts, medical and health institutions, academic institutions to enter!Consultation hotline: 010-65369714;People’s Daily Health Account Little Assistant Wechat id: RMRBJKH (Operation: Sun Huan)