How proud is Holley when it comes to quality assurance?

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In addition to the quality of the watch itself, after-sales service is also an important factor affecting people’s choice of a certain watch.Evaluation of after-sales service, you can start from after-sales network coverage, warranty period, cost and other aspects, but I most value is the length of warranty period.Long quality assurance is the general trend at present, all brands have made positive adjustment.Among independent watchmaking brands, Breitling provided a five-year warranty for all watches equipped with B01 timing movement in 2012 at the earliest;Athens followed suit, announcing a five-year warranty for all new mechanical watches purchased after 2017.Not to be outdone, watch giant SWATCH Group announced in 2018 that Omega would extend the global warranty period to five years, followed by Longines in 2021.On the other hand, richemont brands such as Vacheron Constantin, Wupanjian, Cartier, Jaeger and Panerai all adopt the “2+6” warranty, that is, the 2-year original warranty plus the 6-year extended warranty registered on the official website, which is no doubt good news for the majority of watch friends.But in this matter of warranty, I think the most “hao” brand is Hao Li shi.In 2020, Holley released the brand’s second autonomous movement — OIRS 400, which was first assembled on the AQUIS series.Hollysys provides a 10-year warranty for this new product, enough to see the confidence of Hollysys in this autonomous movement.The reason why the ORIS400 movement can obtain such a long warranty time is inseparable from its excellent performance.The ORIS 400 movement has a diameter of 30mm and a thickness of 4.75mm. It is equipped with more than 30 non-ferrous metal and diamagnetic components, including silicon escapement wheel and silicon anchor, giving it some magnetic resistance.It is easy to see from the laboratoire Dubois laboratory test results that the movement can maintain a daily error of less than 10 seconds at 2250 Gauss environment test.The ORIS 400 movement was designed with full consideration of maintainability. All the bearing structures of the movement are designed as riveted bushings that are easy to disassemble and replace, which is very convenient for maintenance and replacement.The movement adopts one-way automatic chain, and the sliding bearing system with low friction has replaced the traditional operation. The design of simplification can reduce the failure rate.Another highlight of the ORIS 400 movement is long power, which provides up to 120 hours (five days) of power storage.To achieve this performance, Hollytime is equipped with two clockwork boxes.Compared to the large single – wound box design, the double – wound box is undoubtedly more stable.In addition to excellent performance, the appearance of the movement design also has commendable place.The movement of the two balance wheel exposed like ears, through the hollow out processing of the automatic tuo resembles the opening of the mouth, if these elements as a whole to look at, will find the movement “god like” a smiling bear.In fact, the original intention of the brand design is also so, creative inspiration is from the brand mascot “hao Bear”, the mascot into the movement design, looking at the circle can be said to be unique.And in the 2022 Geneva “Watches and Wonders” high-end watch exhibition, Hollytime again launched a new work with this movement — PPX 400 machine master movement watch, and provide the same 10-year warranty commitment.PPX 400 main movement watch selected the current popular flight watch as the carrier, the use of 39 mm titanium alloy watchcase, bezel using “coin grain” decoration, delicate texture is very well enriched the disk view.Compact, angular lines and matte textures give the watch a simple, technological feel, while the brightly colored dial is a modern take on the time-honored flight watch.With a “ten years of quality assurance” commitment to it, I believe that many people will also choose the reason.(Photo/Text Watch Home Xiao Feng)