| advanced to the World Cup, Chinese women’s football sports review Sun Yingsha career ranks the first in the world

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(To bid farewell to the old year and welcome the New Year. On the 30th day of the Lunar New Year, the Year of the Tiger is coming. I wish you all your wishes, a smooth road, more joy, long peace and happiness.)Zhao Xintong and Yan Bingtao, two Chinese players, played the “China Derby” in the German Masters final.In the end, Zhao xintong relied on more consistent play, the total score of 9-0, zero shutout victory, her second career ranking title.This score created the history Chinese player ranking final biggest point difference.The title also set a number of historical records, zhao xintong’s two career ranking titles only 56 days apart, breaking Robertson’s previous record of 112 days.2. Nadal completes his bid for the 2022 Australian Open men’s singles final at Rod Laver Arena.Nadal came from behind to beat top favourite Dmitri Medvedev after nearly five and a half hours.Both Novak Djokovic and Roger Federer took to social media to congratulate Nadal after the match, saying never underestimate the heart of a champion.With his Australian Open victory, Nadal won his 21st career Grand Slam title, completing both rounds and becoming the most grand Slam champion in men’s tennis history.3. China’s women’s soccer team advanced to the quarter-finals of the Women’s Asian Cup after conceding a goal against Vietnam.The Chinese women’s football team has reached the semi-finals of the Asian Cup, successfully qualifying for the 2023 Women’s World Cup and fulfilling the basic goal set before the tournament.Wang Shuang is still the best player in the game, all the goals are related to her.Next, The Chinese women’s team will challenge for the title, taking on the powerful Japanese team in the semifinals.After setting a career record at the Australian Open, China’s Zheng Qinwen entered the W60 Orlando final against top 30 Ranked McHale 6-0, 6-1 to win the title.Zheng qinwen won her first title of the season and her eighth challenge title of her career. She has not lost in all her eight challenges finals.North China point guard Liao Sanning said via social media that he had successful surgery after leaving the court with an elbow from Guangzhou’s Xu Zhonghao.This move aroused wide discussion in the outside world after the game and had a great negative impact.The Chinese basketball Association (CBA) has suspended Guangzhou center Xu Zhonghao for three games and fined him 100,000 yuan for unsportsmanlike conduct after his elbow hit Liao Sanning, causing facial fractures.China’s national football team will play Vietnam away on the first day of the Lunar New Year, which is more of a glory match considering the two teams’ current results.Vietnamese media are calling for points against China, and 20,000 fans are expected to show up to cheer for the team.But Vietnam team guiyu sea, Liu Glory confirmed will be absent from the game, Pan Wende also because of the accumulation of yellow card suspension out of the game.The International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF) officially released a new world ranking. Although there are no major international events recently, the ranking has changed greatly due to the elimination of the old cycle points.In men’s singles, Fan Zhendong and Ma Long were still the top two, while Xu Xin dropped to ninth.In women’s singles, Sun Yingsha ranked No. 1 for the first time in her career, becoming the first player to become no. 1 in the world after 00.She reached the final of the Olympic Games, the World Table Tennis Championships and the WTT World Cup last year, winning one title and two Asian titles.Foshan, Guangdong province, will host the third stage of the CBA, all-star weekend and playoffs, according to media sources.The third phase of the CBA regular season is expected to be held in early March, followed by the 2022 CBA All-Star Weekend on March 25-27 and the playoffs in mid-April, sources said.At least three stadiums will be used in Foshan to ensure the operation of the competition, and the competition will remain on the schedule.Previously, most media thought that the competition would continue to shenyang and Foshan double division system, the specific arrangement is waiting for official news.Manchester United suspend Greenwood suspended Greenwood has been embroiled in an off-field row over allegations of a personal relationship.United issued a statement: “We have seen images circulating on social media and allegations made against the player.We will not be making any further comment until the facts are established and Manchester United will not tolerate violence of any kind.United then decided to suspend Greenwood, pending the outcome of a follow-up investigation.10. Before the start of the new season, the national Team made the personnel adjustment of the doubles team.In the interview, the national feather each sub-manager coach, respectively introduced this year’s season stage goals.Among them, women’s singles put forward to build group advantage, the slogan of world Championship Asian Games.The men’s doubles team hopes to move up the world rankings as soon as possible, while the men’s singles will focus on promoting the development of young players.Considering the current restrictions on participation, a period of overseas training competition cannot be ruled out.