One kind of enterprise year enters 10 million do not pay tax, reasonable and legal do not need tax to raise, which kind of enterprise do you know to be

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Readers will feel very strange, the annual income of tens of millions of people do not pay tax, but also reasonable legal that really never heard of.You still don’t believe, China still really have such good things as this, the author will reveal the answer to the riddle for you, see if you belong to this kind of tax-free enterprise.One is to accompany military family members to start a business, establish individual industrial and commercial households, 3 years free value added tax and individual income tax.As we all know, the biggest taxes for the self-employed are value added tax and personal income tax, and other minor taxes can be ignored.Take individual restaurant as an example, an annual income of 10 million (excluding tax income) of individual restaurant normal tax, VAT will pay 600,000, three additional taxes to pay 72,000, if the cost ticket is missing (restaurant raw material procurement mostly without tickets), expenses can not be legally deducted before tax (manpower does not go up social security and rent without invoices),So 10 million income corresponding to the taxable income at least have more than 5 million, that should pay how much tax?5 million ×35%-65500=1,684,500 yuan, this several items total tax amount to more than 2.3 million, this is not a small number ah!If the person in charge of this individual restaurant is a military family member, this 2.3 million can be exempted, and can be exempted for three consecutive years, can save 7 million tax.There must be some bosses who hate themselves for not being military dependents.So can accompanying military family members enjoy exemption policy?There are two requirements to be met before they can be enjoyed. First, a certificate showing their identity is required from a political organ at or above the division level. It is not good to just say that a family member is accompanying with the army.The second is that a family member accompanying the military can only enjoy the tax exemption once according to the regulations. That is to say, according to the previous example, you cannot enjoy the tax exemption if you open another restaurant, and you cannot enjoy the tax exemption if you open another self-employed business in any other industry.Second, the army demobilized cadres who choose their own jobs will be exempted from VAT and individual income tax for three years if they set up individual businesses.Tax strength with military family entrepreneurship, no longer repeated.But have a bit difference, the condition that enjoys duty-free namely is different, the first is the certificate that asks to have division above army to issue to change course of study, the 2nd is to be able to enjoy only without special emphasis.It can be seen that demobilized military cadres who choose their own jobs can enjoy a wider range of tax exemption policy support.If you are a military dependant or a retired military officer who chooses a job independently, you can enjoy a three-year tax exemption if you set up a business.If you are a family member of a former military officer who chooses his or her own job, you can also enjoy tax exemption as the head of your own business.If neither, and you still want tax exemptions, find a business partner who meets those requirements.