Maybe not too fierce. It’s a good thing

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Uncle: Hello!I’m really going crazy!I am a junior one student.Last semester, I did something bad. I stole 10,000 dollars from my family.I did realize that it was a very bad thing. During the winter vacation, I was found out about it, for which I wrote more than 1000 words to check and accept the punishment.But what I really couldn’t stand was that the next day, my mother couldn’t find her scissors. She asked me if I had them. I said no and kindly helped her find them, but still couldn’t find them.It must have been your loser.I thought she had reason to doubt me, so I said nothing and went about my business.After a while, she found her scissors on her desk, but she didn’t apologize at all!So I took the craft I was working on (a drink bottle) and walked towards her. But when I approached her, she gave me a look that could be interpreted as an affectionate reply. I was so angry that I put the craft up and said, “You misunderstood me, apologize immediately!”So she apologized to me, but the matter was not over. After a while, she came to me and said, “How dare you beat your elder!I owe you no apology! ‘I said to her, “I’m sorry, I really shouldn’t have drawn you, but you really misjudged me?Why not apologize?”She actually said: “you did that thing, should be suspected!”Later, that is, on the first day, mom and dad let me first take my sister to play downstairs, later they will come down to take us to the fragrant hills, and then my sister and I play for a long time, they are not down, and I will give them a call, wanted to rush rush them, call a switched on, and the father said, “are you fucking with my usb flash drive change things with other people?”I did trade flash drives for things, but they were always unimportant ones at home.So I said, “Is it possible I left that video in the teacher’s office the last time I copied it?”I made a video once, and since it was edited on my dad’s phone, my dad lent me his flash drive and asked me to copy it to the teacher.Dad said, “I never lent it to you!”I had to explain and dad, but dad still didn’t seem to understand, finally, he said “shit shit!”Then he hung up the phone.I made a phone call was inexplicably scolded!But AT first I thought he had reason to suspect me, so I just wanted to explain myself and hurry him down, but I called him three times and he didn’t answer!I had to go up to look for him, I was really angry not line, also regardless of today is the first day of the New Year, I saw him later put the curse words back to him “I fucking take your usb stem what?!”Dad of course was also angry, said I how can you talk to elders so?And then he hit me.This really drives me crazy. 1. Anyway, shouldn’t you apologize if you’re pretty sure you’ve wronged someone?2, even if angry not also can’t casually scold me ah?Since it is the elders can casually swear and not apologize, then why can’t I?Am I supposed to suffer in silence?!A Man who is about to die a man who is about to die: You are bold and irascible. When you attack, even your mother is afraid. In China, the first life with such a murderous spirit is estimated to be in single digits.This trait can be a great strength or a great weakness.When it becomes a great strength, you will not be afraid of challenges, difficulties, and strong enemies.Nothing in the world can stop you. You can do almost anything you want.Your mission in life may be to be a great hero, a great scientist, a great general, a great champion, a great entrepreneur, a great statesman, a great explorer, one of those great men who benefit mankind.When it becomes a big shortcoming, you will have no restraint, no awe, whoever gets in your way will suffer, parents can’t stop you, teachers can’t stop you, morals can’t stop you, rules can’t stop you, you start as a bully, and end as a villain.Of course, in the end, the world can stop the biggest villains, and it’s very simple. There are cops, there are prisons.Shut up.And when the evil is done, he kills.To turn it into a great advantage, you should not be too fierce, a little afraid, a little patient.From this point of view, your dad’s being a little mean, which makes you a little scared, is a bad thing turned into a good thing.If he were as gentle as your mother, they would have stopped you in your first life, and you could do almost anything you wanted.You suffer some grievance, is conducive to increasing patience, to unpleasant things, the intensity of reaction gradually decreased, from “about to die” to “about half dead” to “gas one-third dead” to “not very angry”, at least to endure a semester.Your parents don’t trust you right now, and that’s a natural reaction.You know what the penalties are in the adult world for stealing $10,000?A couple of months, minimum, bad attitude, a little longer.It means that for such a big mistake, there are months, maybe a semester long, that are not to be trusted, that are to be regulated.Dare to steal $10000 at the beginning of life, the parents, has been very shock, fear, uncertain, is not you admit a mistake, write a review, you are a new child, pure and innocent because of oral confession, write a review, is a piece of cake, to hear true and false, also temporarily only admit a mistake in your actions, they can relax,I’m starting to trust you back, and I’m not gonna start looking at you as an ex-con every time you lose something.Spend a semester to rebuild the image, one is never steal any money at home, many children as innocuous petty theft do not do;Two is to read the book well;Three is by any parents doubt and blame endure, explain the facts can be, parents realize that the wrong blame you more times, your credit is gradually restored.I wish happy.