China team first round of ice hockey game today!This knowledge gets fast

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The Chinese women’s ice hockey team will play its first match at the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games against the Czech Republic in the group match at noon today.Do you know all the rules of hockey?Ice hockey, also known as ice hockey, is one of the team ice sports in which changeable skating skills are combined with agile and skilled hockey skills.Athletes wearing skates, holding ice pole slide to grab the ball, players with ice pole will hit the ball into the other goal, to score more goals for the victory.The ice hockey competition at Beijing 2022 will be held at the Beijing National Stadium and The Wukesong Sports Center, with a total of two gold MEDALS, one for men and one for women.The rink is surrounded by a strong boundary wall;The two blue lines divide the rink into three zones: the defensive zone, the middle zone and the offensive zone.An offensive player cannot enter the blue line ahead of the ball and be the first to receive or touch the ball, otherwise it will be ruled offside.There are nine scrimmages and five circles with a radius of 4.5 meters. The center scrimmage is blue and all other scrimmages are red.There will be a scrum at the beginning of each game and after each stop.Hockey is a tough game, with sticks in hand, protective gear to the teeth, and special rules for women, goalies and youth players.There are three games of ice hockey with six players on each side.Each game is 20 minutes net with a 15-minute break.There is no limit to the number of substitutions.The penalty is very severe, minor penalty, team minor penalty, major penalty, violation, serious violation, suspension.Players are required to stay in a special area and the goalkeeper is given a minor penalty instead of another player on the pitch.There are often unequal numbers in matches.At noon today, the Chinese women’s ice hockey team made its debut, playing against the Czech Republic in the preliminary match of the women’s ice hockey.This is the Return of the Chinese women’s ice hockey team to the Olympics after 12 years.Let’s see how the girls perform!