“If I had to do it all over again, I would not support my children,” one mother said.

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At present, many parents, the best occupation, is organized work.So these years, the army of exam editors has been growing, and many students from famous universities have joined in.In recent years, the employment situation of college students is very tight, many college students can not find ideal jobs after graduation.In addition, due to the severe epidemic situation in recent years, many enterprises have reduced their salaries, so more and more parents do not want their children to go to private enterprises.At this time, the exam editor has become the first choice of many college students, some plan to take the exam of teachers, some plan to take the exam of civil servants, parents are also strongly support, but also hope that children can live a relatively stable life.According to an authoritative survey, in 2021, the number of graduates from Tsinghua university and Peking University entering the system accounted for 69.9%, which shows how hot the recruitment is. Some people even say that “the end of the universe is the examination of editing”, and now there may be fewer and fewer students who do not take the examination of editing after graduation.Even the graduates of The North Of The Qing Dynasty have chosen to prepare for the examination, let alone those of other colleges and universities, and many students have started to prepare for the examination very early.If I could do it all over again, I would not support my children.Is the work in the organization good?I think most people feel pretty good about it.At least the salary is stable, flood and drought guaranteed, no risk of unemployment, social status and various welfare is ok.It is for these reasons that more and more parents have begun to support their children’s examination system.Aunt Wang is also one of them. She used to be very supportive of children’s examination system, but now she regrets it. What is the reason?Aunt Wang’s son graduated from an ordinary college, learning liberal arts, really not good employment, so want to take an examination of local civil servants, family is also very supportive.In order to let the child as soon as possible ashore, Wang aunt also reported to the children to prepare the tutorial class, paid nearly fifty thousand yuan.The child is also very hard, also do not go out to look for a job at home to review for the exam, who knows the first year did not pass the exam.But the child does not give up, want to review a year to continue to take the exam, so Aunt Wang gave the child to pay fifty thousand yuan of tuition fees, and review a year.But do not know what reason, the second year the child still did not take an examination of the shore.A hundred thousand dollars and two years of work.Aunt Wang advised the child, if not, don’t take the exam, go out to find a job, any job, as long as you can support yourself.But Wang aunt son do not work, live and die to review, said I can not go out to find a job, can not afford to lose this person.In order to take the examination, the child locked himself in his room all day, and did not go out of his room except for meals, and did not associate with anyone.Looking at the child’s state, the family was worried.What if I don’t pass next year?Is it just gonna go on forever?Now Aunt Wang regret, had known so, do not support the children to test the system, now the child is completely trapped in, after two blows, temperament change, is not the original lively and cheerful child.The inside job seems good, but each child has to choose carefully.These years, the exam is very hot, it seems that only on the exam to have a decent job.But in fact, the work in the organization is not as good as you think.First: the salary in the establishment is not too high.Whether it is a civil servant or a teacher, in fact, the salary of college students who have just graduated is not high, only two or three thousand yuan, which is not much stronger than the private enterprises outside.If the family is ordinary, test editor certainly can’t let you buy a house quickly.Second: the work in the establishment is not easy.A lot of people think that organization work is easy, but it’s really wrong.For example, the teachers now, really not everyone imagined so idle, all kinds of assessment pressure is also very big.Civil servants, for example, also have a lot to deal with. Just like in the past two years, civil servants have always been at the forefront of the epidemic.So, in-house work is not for everyone.If you come from an ordinary family and want to make more money to change the fate of your family, you’d better not come to the system.If you want a very easy life, don’t come to the system, because it’s not easy.People outside want to get in and people inside want to get out, so everyone must choose carefully.There is more than one kind of work in the world.Aunt Wang’s child is the most terrible place, a single-minded examination of the establishment, not to find other way out.Before taking the exam, the students must be fully prepared. They must be prepared to do well in the exam, but they must also be prepared to accept failure, because there are too many people who fail in the exam every year.Now the preparation of the people are very much, no less than the college entrance examination, the competition is also very fierce, there are north Qingqing students with excellent results, 985 students, there are three, two graduates, we are working hard, so who wants to easily win are not easy.If you don’t succeed, you should try to find another job instead of studying for the exam over and over again. There are years in your life, so don’t waste too much time studying for the exam.Actually the opportunity on society is much, good job is very much also, do not look for to make up this kind of job only.Last but not least: In these years, organizational work has been so exaggerated that many people think of organizational work only as a bad job.Some people earn hundreds of thousands of dollars a year in private companies, but they are still considered by many people to be inferior to a teacher. This is a completely wrong idea.There is no distinction between high and low in work. In my opinion, college students should go out to explore the world and try different jobs while they are young, instead of getting into the system right after graduation.Although the establishment is good, but also lack combat effectiveness, want to make oneself more powerful, still go up to the society break through.What do you think about that?Share it too!For more exciting content, come to miss Li’s truest education