Can the stock market repeat its success in the year of the Tiger?

2022-06-17 0 By

Unknowingly, the Spring Festival holiday has come to an end, a-share Spring Festival closed for nine days, will soon welcome the first trading day of the Year of the Tiger, 190 million shareholders should be very entangled now, both looking forward to the early opening of the stock market, ushered in A round of rise, but also worried that the stock market will continue to fall after the opening, and have to continue to eat noodles.Want to know in the market index has not appeared to stop falling stabilization, or before there is no reversal signal, on the way to rebound market is much.After all, the next market after the start of the oversold rebound, will certainly repeatedly fall to find support, until the market index fell immoved at that moment, so you can be more sure today a share differentiation type rebound is luring.Comprehensive according to the current position of a shares, and now a shares of the disk, a shares to start the weight market, is completely to face forced to push up the index ushered in a good start, this face market is not healthy, can only be identified as a lure market.Weak rebound, adjust the market is bound to continue, only such as the bottom again after stabilizing, A share market will be stable, so for today a equity heavy market is not optimistic, be careful to sail forever.As the saying goes, “Success is nothing, failure is nothing”, sany heavy industry has enjoyed the “Double click” of its performance and stock price rising due to its high growth in the past.But now encountered the excavator sales decline, the future performance of the growth is uncertain, the previous stock price overdrafts the future market, will encounter the cycle when the opposite – “Davis double kill”, the stock price exceeds the expected decline is also taken for granted.Alexander Elder, a famous investment technology analyst, said: “The rules of the game determine that most traders will lose money, and those who lose money bring money into the market, which is a prerequisite for trading to flourish.”Whether you’re a physicist or a nobody, if you want to get into the stock market but don’t want to end up as cannon fodder for the trading boom, be prepared to start by understanding it.But for all intents and purposes understand that risk is always there, and invest cautiously!