At the peak of the season to protect the team was seriously injured, the end of the bright future, struggling for years of illness coruscated a second spring

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99-00, state grant hill “warrior” particularly good, his performance is better than before, on the court’s ruling power is stronger, hill play so hard, not for his own honor, reputation, because he has got many honors, fame is also big, he is a king of all-star votes, he is a “label”, in the United States basketball ring,Everyone knows that?Hill to play to his parent club is the purpose of the piston into the playoffs, and break through the first round in the playoffs, but the hill will be completed this matter to 80%, the accident happened, his hands before the playoffs begin, hill must do a choice, he seemed to recover, is confirmed, and keep the team was playing hurt?Hill chose the latter, and when Hill stepped onto the field, hill began a nightmare journey.Hurt playing for the team, the injury nightmare journey starting point of the hill is a sprained ankle, the situation is not very serious, but need some time to rest, and hill injury time really is too bad, open the postseason with only 7 days, within seven days, hill’s ankle injury is not, and select round hill.To be honest, I think Hill made a mistake, even a stupid one.Why do you say that?Please watch me speak slowly.Hill was in his prime. After five seasons, Hill had a deep understanding of the game, a perfect blend of skill and body, and was comfortable playing the game. He had become a leader.The Pistons, even with a healthy Hill on the team, struggled in the playoffs because the overall strength was there, the ceiling was there, and hill just made the game better, but it didn’t change the result. Hill playing with an injury didn’t make the team better, it just showed an attitude:I grant Hill would kill for the Pistons, but it’s not worth risking my career for that attitude.Maybe hill knew what I was talking about, or maybe he underestimated the consequences of playing with an injured ankle in order to develop himself and give himself a stage.Hill made a bold decision, but what happened next was out of his control.On April 22, 2006, in the opener of the Piston-Heat series, Hill played 34 minutes with an injury, contributing 13 points, 9 rebounds, 5 assists and 1 steal on 33.3 percent shooting.In the second game of the series, Hill continued to play, but this time he was not lucky enough to play the entire game. In the 21st minute of Hill’s appearance, Hill was injured again and was unable to continue playing. He was carried off the field.Hill’s injury was too bad to continue in the game, hill got the worst of it, the injury didn’t help the team.From then on, Hill began to recuperate from the injury, the injury process was very long, and the Pistons saw hill was injured, and the magic made a very attractive trade offer, choose to send Hill, Hill for the pistons to play through the injury, but the pistons can be for the benefit of hill, that is the difference between a player and a team.Hill left the Pistons, but his injury didn’t heal, and in the process, Hill suffered an accident.In March 2000, Hill had ankle surgery, during which he developed a deadly bacterial infection that left him with fever and convulsions. After six months of intravenous antibiotics, Hill survived.Hill came back from the dead, but the bad situation did not end. Hill never recovered from the injury. Hill played in 43 games in the 2001-02 and 2002-03 seasons, and he did not play in the 2003-04 season.These years have been a long one for Hill, and he’s had a nightmare, but he can’t open his eyes to end it, he has to live with it.Hill is a iron man, injuries so tormented him, hill also did not give up, his goal has been to return to the NBA, he beat before 04 – ’05 season injury, to play the game, and played 67 games, hill’s successful return, this let all the people who pay attention to his excited, hill’s nightmare is over.Joining the sun, a second in July 07, sign a contract, hill, and the sun came to the sun, the sun is the team doctor medical skill is too high, or hill body too good, hill had perfect attendance at 08-09 season, no good attendance to play when the hill without injury, and also averaged 12.9 points and 4.9 rebounds, 2.3 assists,Hill shot 52.6 percent from the field, the highest percentage among guards and small forwards.Hill has a second life in the SUNS, he is playing his role as a veteran, his ability is not what it used to be, his experience, his mentality, can be used by the SUNS, with the help of Hill, the SUNS reached the Western Conference finals, this is the first time hill touched the floor of the conference finals.In the summer of 2012, Hill still wanted to play. He signed a contract with the Clippers, but hill was too old at the time, already 39 years old. In the summer of 2013, Hill announced his retirement from the NBA after 19 years.Hill’s 18 years of NBA career, brilliant, low, was knocked down by injuries, but he never gave up, he climbed the road full of thorns, back to the NBA court, lit his little light left, The spirit of Hill is worth learning from people, Hill also because of this experience, let people admire.