Year of the Tiger Spring Festival hotel bookings increased by 4 times!Winter Olympics economy and Hainan Vacation drive “ice and Fire” two geothermal “focus on cultural travel”

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A ski resort in Beijing.Miao Shiyu/ Reporter Miao Shiyu Li Weilai Beijing reports from the national ski fever to “a trick is hard to get”, the dividend of ice and snow economy continues to release, but also during the Spring Festival for the hotel industry to add “a fire”.According to the Spring Festival report of several comprehensive tourism websites, hotel bookings during the Spring Festival in 2022 are nearly four times that of 2021, showing the characteristics of “north-south fever” and “third, fourth and fifth line fever”, with ice, snow and theme parks becoming the “key words” for hotel bookings.In the view of industry insiders, ice and snow economy will also bring some heat to the hotel industry in a period of time and help the development of the hotel industry.Data from The Third, fourth and fifth tier Hotel Hot Qunar platform show that hotel bookings for the Spring Festival in 2022 are nearly four times that of 2021.Local hotels account for 46% of bookings, according to same-trip data.Among them, ski, hot spring and other theme resort is the most popular tourist, followed by the beautiful scenery of the seaside resort.The Year of the Tiger is characterized by a “small boom” of third-tier, fourth-tier and fifth-tier hotels, a Reporter from China Times found by integrating existing data.According to Ctrip, the proportion of accommodation customers from third-tier, fourth-tier and fifth-tier cities during the Spring Festival increased by 13 percent year-on-year, 34 percent from 2019, and order volume increased by 30 percent year-on-year.As young people in small towns return home for the Spring Festival, the order volume of rural hotels has more than doubled compared with last year’s Spring Festival.So, what is the reason to promote the 2022 Spring Festival hotel reservation growth, and why will usher in the third, fourth and fifth tier cities Spring Festival hotel fever?In this regard, Yuan Shuai, deputy secretary general of the Rural Revitalization Construction Committee of the China Cultural Management Association, said in an interview with The China Times that it is driven by the returning group on the one hand, and the change in the group’s consumption concept on the other hand.Yuan shuai said, “during the Spring Festival main consumers focus on user 20-40 years old, as the consumption level and phase in deferred, sinking more area, returning the feast of the youth group for the acceptance of the hotel during the Spring Festival is more and more high, in the ice under the influence of culture, e-sports hotel arises at the historic moment, scripts, kill, audio and other characteristics, is the youth group.”It is very interesting that in addition to the hotel fever in the third, fourth and fifth tier cities, the Spring Festival hotel reservation also presents a “cold and hot” situation in Hainan and the northeast.Hainan, one of the most popular destinations for winter travel, saw a 96 percent increase in overnight hotel bookings during the Spring Festival holiday, according to public data.For two consecutive years, Sanya has ranked among the cities with the highest hotel bookings for the Spring Festival in China, with an average stay time of 1.7 days, the longest time and the highest total transaction volume among the major cities in China.In addition to “flying southward” to escape the cold, the northern regions are also on the list of popular travel destinations thanks to the dividend of ice and snow culture.According to the data, the search heat for “Winter Olympics” increased by 200 percent on February 4, and the number of ski-themed hotels booked by February 5 increased by 54 percent.Air ticket bookings to the three northeastern provinces increased by more than 50% year on year.Hotel orders in Jilin province rose 153% year on year as of Feb 5, with local hotel orders up 93% year on year.According to data released by the Liaoning Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism, the “hot spring + ice and snow” resorts in the province are popular with tourists, with occupancy rates in most of them reaching more than 80 percent and the number of tourists receiving increased by 20-50 percent.Not only that, the Tiger Spring Festival “home” skiing is also popular.”China Times” reporters learned that during the Spring Festival Beijing Shichahai Ice Rink, Taoranting Park, Jundu Mountain ski resort and other ice and snow tourism areas are also very hot.According to the official website of the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Culture and Tourism, suburban b&Bs and well-equipped hotels have become the new favorites for the Year of the Tiger.Statistics released by the Beijing Municipal Parks Management Center show that 158,700 people visited parks in Beijing during the Spring Festival, including 70,300 visitors to ice rink and 88,400 to snow rink.It is worth paying attention to that, under the boost of ice and snow economy and the heat of the Spring Festival, the tourism and hotel sector in the secondary market also experienced a continuous rise after the beginning of the Year of the Tiger, up 1.02% on February 7 and 4.33% on February 8.Even so, industry experts remain cautious about whether the hotel industry can break new ground in the ice economy.Yuan shuai said in an interview with the huaxia times reporter, snow and ice on the economy in the year of the tiger spring to hotel industry has injected a strong dose of needle “benefit”, there is no doubt for the hospitality industry is a power function, and the policy of good, positive factors such as the 2022 winter Olympics, or in the next few years ice-snow tourism will become the core engine of our country’s tourism economy with ice and snow in winter.”But the recovery of the hotel industry needs to be combined with national policies in the long run.”Yuan Shuai thought.Wen Zhihong, a senior chain management expert from Hejun Consulting, told The China Times: “The ice and snow economy will bring some heat to the hotel industry in the short term, but it is difficult to expect it to bring the hotel industry as a whole to recover as the ice and snow economy will be limited by seasonal conditions to some extent.”Wen Zhihong believes that the current competition in the hotel industry is becoming increasingly fierce. Besides seizing the opportunity of ice and snow economy, hotel groups also need to make breakthroughs in scale and differentiation. “Whether it is ice and snow economy or other new ideas, they need to create unique values according to local conditions.”Wen Zhihong said to reporters.In Yuan Shuai’s opinion, the development of the hotel industry cannot only rely on the ice and snow economy. The 14th Five-year Period is the beginning of the new journey of rural revitalization, which is a lasting systematic revitalization project. Developing rural tourism is one of the most promising ways to implement the rural revitalization strategy.Yuan Shuai believes that the hotel industry should seize the opportunity of the era of rural revitalization, rural tourism is the golden key to rural revitalization, high-quality hotel is the key to the development of rural tourism.Yuan shuai to the huaxia times reporter, rural tourism as the “base”, high-quality hotel industry as the “bottom”, because of the outbreak, outbound travel limited, circulate in tourism economy phenomenon is very obvious, and segmentation of the parent-child swimming, summer swimming, red tourism travel demand will become hotel industry a new opportunity.Chief Editor: Zhang Yuning