CSGO: Sen broke the media after the interview, the holiday back to lose normal

2022-06-15 0 By

Everyone should know the NAVI, before in the game is not very good, as the world’s number one, they had lost consecutive two team strength is not strong, there are a large part of the reason is as they have a long holiday, so just closed off back the state is not good, but in the end is set to a promotion of the last bus.Natus Vincere’s S1mple spoke to the club’s official video podcast about the team’s overall form after the BLAST Premier 2022 Spring group stage.S1mple pointed out that the whole team is actively training to improve their performance in subsequent events.”Everyone came back from vacation to play other games, so we immediately got up [in group play] and played badly.We were a bit frustrated [in the group stage].In the second match against NIP, I did not lose 5V2 or 4V2, and my overall condition gradually improved.I feel like I’m getting better every day.Personal level.CS 8 hours a day, said at the end of last year, the individual strength might be better and we would play better anyway, we are actually practicing, we will strengthen the practice chart that we haven’t done, this chart needs to be fixed urgently, this is our weakest chart, we almost forgot ourselves.”Although they are no. 1 in the world and have a very strong strength, each player has performed at the opening level, but as a competitive game, even they can not slack off, they must maintain their strength through high training, otherwise they may be surpassed by others.My little bee this year and have a sniper’s son have championship strength.Even galacticos are showing signs of taking off.Maybe this year will be a fight of the dragons.