Nerds send naked photos of bacteria?This is not the pursuit of behavior is rogue behavior!

2022-06-14 0 By

Hello everyone, this is the evening animation, this is the author Xiao Huang!Today brought is a Mars thinking work of the country baby silly head, in the big city “dog plane middle school” not only subvert the traditional teacher-student relationship, but also with the students happened some fun people laugh at the moment “laugh at campus”.What happens this time is: silly head sends small bacterium “nude photo”?This is not the pursuit of behavior is rogue behavior!This day foolish head have a feeling and hair in the vicinity of small bacteria make a poem, although but so the foolish head of literati behavior is actually want to send small bacteria nude photos!Isn’t that pure hooliganism?At first, the bacteria was taken aback. She’s not that open!But the essence of human is really sweet, see the photo after she more see more pleasing to the eye!This nude photo is a silly head childhood photo, white tender, looking much more lovely than now!Well, that’s the end of this article!Want to know more exciting content, come to pay attention to the evening big animation stupid head “stunt”!Crotch pour tea he’s serious!The Universal Mop!Silly head of the mop clever use of wealth are stupid!