A number of domestic airlines have announced that they will adjust fuel surcharges for domestic routes since April 5

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This article is from:Ynet according to China southern airlines weibo today (April 2), China southern airlines domestic flights (including international ticket domestic segment) fuel surcharge levy standard will adjust from April 5th, among them, the domestic airline passenger transportation fuel surcharge is adjusted for 800 kilometers (including) the following segment each passenger charge $50, 800 km above the segment will charge 100 yuan.Children (including children unaccompanied by adults) and disabled revolutionary soldiers and people’s police passengers who enjoy 50% discount of ordinary fare announced by adults according to civil Aviation Administration regulations, fuel surcharge will be halved.Domestic tickets sold before April 4, 2022 (inclusive), if changed to After April 5, 2022 (inclusive), will not be reimbursed.International tickets are subject to the system calculation result.In addition, Hainan Airlines, China Eastern Airlines, Grand China Airlines and other domestic airlines will also raise the adjusted fuel surcharge for domestic flights from April 5 (the date of issuing tickets).This is the third consecutive change in fuel surcharges this year.Fuel surcharges for domestic flights were levied once and waived once last year.Starting from February 5, 2022, the levy will be reinstated, and the standard is 10 yuan per passenger for routes below 800 kilometers (including), and 20 yuan for routes above 800 kilometers.Starting from March 5, the fuel surcharge was further raised to 20 yuan per passenger for routes up to 800 kilometers and 40 yuan per passenger for routes over 800 kilometers.Due to the recent surge in international oil prices, the price of aviation kerosene, linked with international oil prices, has exceeded 7500 yuan per ton, while it was only 4700 yuan per ton at the beginning of the year.