A great movie to watch in your teens, Watergate Bridge has more meaning behind it than you might think

2022-06-14 0 By

Taking children to the cinema has always been a reserved item for many families during the Spring Festival.But what to choose, has become a headache for many parents.Choose cartoons, children like to see with relish, but adults sleepy, than at home to do housework also tired.Choose a genre movie. Adults may like it, but kids won’t understand it and will probably be screaming to leave the theater.So are there any movies that are suitable for both adults and children?Yes, Watergate Bridge, the most popular blockbuster during the Spring Festival, is a good choice.However, after only a few days of release, the box office quickly surpassed 2 billion yuan, which is praised by all the major platforms.But some parents may worry, will war movies be too gory?The child might not be able to handle it?But don’t worry too much about this, “Watergate Bridge” wants to show not the cruelty and tragedy of war, it focuses on the brave and heroic spirit of the volunteers.Children are not as vulnerable as we think, and sometimes exposing them to war films is a good patriotic education.There have been many online requests from parents who have taken their children to see watergate Bridge, and the feedback has been positive.Some children learn about that part of history through the film;Some children wept and saluted at the screen.Take the one I saw for example, many parents brought their children to the theater, the whole show lasted more than two hours, no children made noise, no one went out to go to the bathroom, everyone watched the movie seriously, completely immersed in the movie.But watching Watergate Bridge is more important for children to know what a hero really is.When they are young, the heroes they see are Spider-man, Iron Man and Ultraman. These are foreign superheroes who can go to heaven and earth and save people from fire and water.In a country as big as China, is there no superhero of its own in the 5,000-year culture?Those soldiers who sacrifice themselves for the welfare of the people are the heroes of China.It’s just that our culture has been missing this part of education.What exactly is a hero?In fact, this is the ultimate question throughout the Nagatsu Lake series.In the first film, Wu Wanli, who has just joined the army, has been struggling with a question: how many people can be a hero to kill?In the second watergate Bridge, Wu Wanli experienced the baptism of war and witnessed the bloodshed and sacrifice on the battlefield. He finally realized that every volunteer soldier in the war was a great hero worthy of our respect.When the soldiers volunteered to travel far from home and fight in Korea, they were already better than many.In Chosin Lake, they lived on potatoes and snow water, wore thin clothes, slept for days, crawled in the snow.They faced American troops in thick overcoats, warm coffee and food, with planes, tanks and artillery.What about the power gap?The volunteers thought of only one thing: to fight the enemy and stop their retreat.What is this for, is behind the motherland and the people!This intrepid courage and iron perseverance, is not worthy of our children and our admiration?This time Wu Wanli’s goal is no longer to kill how many people, but to end the war, so that these heroes back home.Yu asked him jokingly, “How many enemies have you killed?”Wu Wanli just lightly back to a sentence, “it’s not important, I want you to go home safely.”So when Wu Wanli saw a wounded young Captured American soldier, he would take off the quilt he was wearing, gently pull it over him, and quietly leave.Unfortunately, bloodshed and sacrifice are inevitable in any war.Finally, countless heroes, with their own lives for us to win a “no smoke era”!But this history, this past, the children do not know.For today’s children, they have not experienced the war, do not know how hard-won peace is, and it is more difficult to understand why the revolutionary martyrs should be respected.Therefore, as a parent, it is more necessary to take children to watch watergate Bridge, so that they know what kind of Chinese hero is?Those volunteers soldiers for our peace today, in the end and pay how much?Do not forget the history, do not forget the martyrs, this is for every child, is a very important course.Finally, I suggest that if you are going to take your children to the cinema this Spring Festival, you might as well take them to watch Watergate Bridge. Let them see our own hero!