The beauty of Chinese charm. Have you ever been to meishan Special museum?

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Kimchi Museum, Art Museum…You’ve heard of them all?Have you been to the Bed Flower and Folk Museum?Antique furniture is human precious material heritage and cultural heritage, the bed is among the most important in furniture, bearing the cultural mission beyond bedding, this carrier is the carved flower on the bed (abbreviation bed flower).Chuanyu bed flowers carved trees, vegetables, birds, fish and insects, spirits, animals, bottles and furnaces, painting and calligraphy, bonsai and other patterns, all with homophonic metaphor or analogy to express the good wishes of prosperity and wealth, happy marriage, continuous children, Fu Lu Shouxi, flying high.But with the development of the era, flower bed gradually withdrew from the historical stage, and all the old furniture repair skill also few people know, in order to protect and inherit the traditional crafts, antique furniture repair skills listed in dongpo district 8 batch of non-material cultural heritage list, and then was listed in meishan city group of meishan city municipal 8 non-material cultural heritage list.In Gongcun village, Shangyi Town, Dongpo District, there is a Sichuan-Chongqing Bed flower and Folk Custom museum, covering an area of more than 3 mu, with a construction area of more than 600 square meters, displaying and displaying more than 1,000 pieces of perfectly restored qing Dynasty and Republican period old furniture, folk custom objects and more than 1,000 sets of ancient bed flower components.The museum exhibits consists of antique furniture repair not genetic bearing Yang Tao years of collected thousands of pieces of antique furniture and bed flower residue, through research, manual restructuring the pieces, plus wood, paint, gold and other techniques, innovative protection and restoration, the craft has the rare historical value, cultural value and social value.After years of preparation, the museum has opened to the public free of charge.In order to better inherit the skills of antique furniture restoration, Yang tao also opened an antique furniture protection and restoration studio to simulate the living space of antique furniture and display free of charge.This year, I will also build the backyard of the museum, which will mainly display some old objects of folk customs, hoping to remain in history and remember nostalgia in this way.”Every piece of old furniture and bed flowers in Dongpo’s hometown have their own stories. After restoration, they are “alive” and show their unique beauty to contemporary people with a new look.Museum of the customs, the ancient flower bed, antique furniture, and the construction organically integrated together, to do “to protect its yan, beauty of its appearance, its aggregates, built the soul”, and rural harmony, make people appreciate the etiquette culture in each area of traditional household, grade, habits, such as connotation, is to further implement the strategy of rejuvenating the country, enhance cultural heritage, cultural self-confidence,An ideal place to promote the essence of traditional Chinese culture.In your spare time, bring your family and friends to sichuan and Chongqing Bed Flowers and Folk Museum to learn about bed flowers and ancient furniture restoration techniques, and have a conversation with history!Some pictures, text and opinions in this article are from the Internet and other public platforms. The main purpose of this article is to share information and let more people get the consultation they need. The copyright is not for commercial use and belongs to the original author.If involved in infringement, please inform us and we will delete relevant content within 24 hours. Thank you.