Strong and unriring has written a new chapter of the high-quality development of shouer Institute

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On February 18, 2022, The Capital Institute of Pediatrics held the report on the work of leading groups and cadres in 2021 and the ninth staff congress in the third session in the lecture hall on the 11th floor of the Science and Trade Building.More than 200 people, including all the leaders of the institute, middle-level cadres, staff representatives and two representatives and one committee member, attended the conference. Yang Enming, a level 4 researcher of the Organization and Human Resources Management Department of the Municipal Medical Management Center, attended the conference to supervise and guide the assessment work.Comrade Liu Zhongxun, Party Secretary, presided over the meeting.At the meeting, Mr. Liu Zhongxun, secretary of the CPC Committee, made the 2021 annual work report entitled “riring, riring and working hard, writing a new chapter of high-quality development of Shouer Institute” on behalf of the leading group, summarizing the work of the whole year from five aspects.First, adhere to the guidance of theory, casting ideas, with the study of party history education to condense the original mission;Second, adhere to pioneering and innovative, strong leadership, with political responsibility to promote the key work of the Institute;Third, adhere to standardized management, strengthen the team, with institutional and institutional innovation to encourage officers to start their own businesses;Fourth, adhere to the people first, heavy service, people-centered plastic first child harmonious culture;Fifth, we will continue to carry out self-reform, strengthen party discipline, and improve the political environment by comprehensively governing the Party with strict discipline.We have made arrangements for the work of 2022 in six key areas. First, we will follow the direction of development politically and always give top priority to the safety and health of the people.The second is to guarantee the strategic goal and clarify the target path;The third is to consolidate the strength of the ideological guarantee and unify the thoughts of all staff to the correct political direction;The fourth is to guarantee the organization and optimize the construction of cadres and talents;Fifth, to improve the management level of modern hospitals;Sixth, we will strengthen party discipline and conduct and comprehensively govern the Party with strict discipline., deputy party secretary, bureau chief comrade yong-xiang wei capital institute of pediatrics 2021 year history of the party leadership team learning education project conditions about democratic life, to the democratic life meeting and comment situation, carry out criticism and self-criticism, and reflected the main problems and improvement measures are fully informed.He pointed out that the INSTITUTE party Committee has the confidence, determination and ability to give play to the Fine style of Communists who dare to face up to problems and seek the law and truth of the development of things.We hope that all Party members, middle-level officials, and staff representatives will carry out the pressure at every level, work together, accomplish all tasks well, and make fruitful achievements with our hard work and painstaking efforts to welcome the opening of the party’s 20th National Congress.In accordance with the requirements of regular epidemic prevention and control, the leading groups shall report on their work in written form.Under the guidance and supervision of Yang Enming of the Medical Management Center and human Resources Management Office, all the participants filled in the report and evaluation tickets on the spot, and successfully completed the annual assessment and evaluation work of leading groups and cadres.Article | | 巩书宏 of perturbation hard editing | promotion center