Jilin medical epidemic prevention supplies in emergency!More than 4,000 new infections were reported in a single day

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The current outbreak on the mainland is expected to be brought under control by early April 2022, with a cumulative number of infections estimated at around 35,000.Jilin province accounted for 3,075 of the 3,507 new COVID-19 cases on the Chinese mainland on March 14. Jilin also reported 991 asymptomatic cases.As of 9 o ‘clock on March 15, there were 1427 novel coronavirus initial screening positive cases in Jilin Province.The hardest-hit cities in Jilin province are Jilin and Changchun, which have completed the construction of five makeshift hospitals (four in Jilin and one in Changchun) and vacated seven medical institutions.Medical teams and chartered flights have been sent to Jilin to help fight the virus.Since March, the Chinese mainland has reported more than 15,000 COVID-19 cases in 28 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the central Government.Defense under the State Council on March 15th afternoon, spreading mechanism at the news conference, said although the increased difficulties of epidemic prevention and control, and prevention and control situation is grim and complex, but our country current “dynamic reset” general policy and a series of prevention and control measures to deal with Mr Mick Dijon mutant outbreak is effective, complete the number of vaccinations for 1.239171 billion people in China.The Global COVID-19 Prediction System of Lanzhou University has also made predictions for the current outbreak in mainland China.The current outbreak on the mainland is expected to be brought under control by early April 2022, with a cumulative number of infections estimated at around 350,000, according to preliminary forecasts, lanzhou Morning Post reported.Medical and epidemic prevention supplies in Jilin Province can only meet the needs of 2-3 days “From the dispatching of medical supplies, daily necessities, factor supplies and other supplies in the province, the province’s medical and epidemic prevention supplies can only meet the needs of 2-3 days, we are doing our best to win the support of all parties.Zhang Li, deputy director of jilin Provincial Health Commission, said at a press conference on Monday morning.In view of the shortage of medical and epidemic prevention funds, the Red Cross Society of Jilin Province has issued public soliciting proposals to the whole society to receive material donations and social donations.The supplies include protective items (surgical masks, protective clothing, protective masks, etc.), disinfection items (quick-drying hand disinfectant, 84 disinfectant/disinfectant effervescent tablets, etc.) and drugs [recommended in COVID-19 Diagnosis and Treatment Protocol (Revised Eighth Trial Edition)].A flight carrying 88 medical workers and 2,080 kilograms of medical supplies from The Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region arrived at Changchun Longjia International Airport at 12:38 am on March 14, marking the beginning of a nationwide campaign to assist Jilin in its fight against COVID-19, according to changchun News.On the afternoon of March 15, jilin city announced at a press conference on epidemic prevention and control that as of March 14, five medical teams from five provinces (municipalities) and autonomous regions had been sent to Support Jilin City, mainly responsible for medical treatment, nucleic acid testing, isolation and transport.They are: 100 people from Heilongjiang Province, 121 people from Henan Province, 104 people from Jiangxi Province, 615 people from Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region and 8 people from Liaoning Province. Liaoning Province also deployed 30 negative pressure ambulances to support Jilin City.In Jilin city, in addition to the four makeshift hospitals already in operation, another three makeshift hospitals are under renovation, with the capacity to add 7,000 beds.In addition, Jilin city has requisition 124 hotels (8,663 rooms) as isolation rooms, by 18 o ‘clock on March 14, Jilin city has detected a total of 18,654 people, 18,380 people.The site of the isolation site in gaoxin South District of Jilin City is being leveled and is expected to be put into use on 18th, with an additional 6,000 rooms.Cities and prefectures in Jilin province have provided 11,457 quarantined rooms in Jilin City, and will organize the transfer of the first batch of quarantined people to Baishan today.According to a press conference held by the Joint prevention and control mechanism of The State Council today, as of Thursday morning, there were 8,201 hospitalized cases in Jilin Province, including 2 critical cases in Jilin City, 2 severe cases and 2 severe cases in Changchun city. The proportion of ordinary cases is about 4%, and more than 95% of the patients are asymptomatic and mild cases.Jilin province has put forward the slogan of resolutely winning the “Changchun Defense, Jilin annihilation war, the local blockade war”, and put forward a week to realize the goal of social meeting zero.Langfang, a city just over 50 kilometers away from Beijing, announced on March 15 that it would strictly enforce lockdown control.Although Langfang was not the first city to report COVID-19 cases in Hebei province, it was the city with the largest number of new cases in Hebei province.After shijiazhuang and Xingtai reported COVID-19 cases in succession, Langfang conducted nucleic acid tests for all its staff in Anchi, Development zone and Guangyang districts.On March 10, Langfang reported that three residents in Guangyang district tested positive for nucleic acid, two confirmed cases and one asymptomatic infected person.A total of 448 COVID-19 cases have been reported in Langfang from March 10 to March 14, including 70 confirmed cases and 378 asymptomatic cases. 98% of the positive cases were found in centralized quarantine sites, containment areas and control areas, said Zhang Chunyan, the new deputy mayor of Langfang.Langfang city will be anchi District Geyu town of the whole area adjusted to high risk areas, Donggugang town Taohe village, Taoyuan village adjusted to middle risk areas.On March 13, langfang launched nucleic acid testing for all its staff.The city of Langfang launched a blanket elimination.After the whole-area containment and control management of Langfang city, only one entrance and exit will be reserved for all communities (villages). People can only enter and not leave, and vehicles are forbidden to pass through.And strictly implement home isolation, during the isolation period, all community (village) residents do not go out of the house, refuse to obey the management, unauthorized entry and exit card, hide the itinerary, will be investigated for responsibility according to law and regulations.With the introduction of novel Coronavirus Antigen Testing Application Scheme, on March 15, Jilin province also released the Operation Manual for Jilin Province Novel Coronavirus Antigen Self-Testing Personnel (Trial).According to People’s Daily Online, Jilin province has procured 12 million doses of antigen-testing reagents.Song Xiaohui, deputy director of jilin Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology, introduced that jilin has promoted the monitoring mode of “antigen screening and nucleic acid diagnosis” according to the transmission characteristics of Omicron, adding antigen detection as a supplement on the basis of nucleic acid detection.At a press conference held under the Joint prevention and control mechanism of The State Council on March 15, Li Jinming, deputy director of the Clinical Laboratory Center of the NHC, also responded to questions related to antigen testing, clearly stating that antigen testing cannot replace nucleic acid testing.Li Jinming said that the application of antigen testing mainly has three categories: the first category is to primary medical institutions with relevant clinical symptoms (such as fever), if the nucleic acid test is negative can be observed at home, and then tested for antigen for five consecutive days.In the case of a person infected with COVID-19, one of these five days will have a high level of virus and be able to test positive. If the antigen test continues to be negative, no intervention is required and the risk is lifted.The second category is people under quarantine observation, including people under quarantine observation at home, people under quarantine observation from abroad, people in close contact, sub-close contact and people in closed communities.Antigen tests are performed once a day for five consecutive days. If all five tests are negative, no intervention is required until a final nucleic acid test is taken when the quarantine is lifted.The third category is residents who volunteer to take antigen tests.If the measure is positive, do nucleic acid testing for the first time, if it is negative, can be measured again when necessary antigen, if there is a obvious clinical symptoms, should to the fever clinics, especially fever, loss of taste, smell, must to the fever clinics, for loss of taste, smell is new crown a nonspecific symptoms of infection.Lee pointed out that nucleic acid tests are 100 to 1000 times more sensitive than antigen tests. If a person is infected with novel coronavirus, most of the virus levels in the pharynx reach 1 or even 10 million per milliliter, can be detected by antigen tests.Nucleic acid tests have been the “gold standard” for confirming COVID-19 infection because there are no false positives in the methodology.”So antigen testing is not a substitute for nucleic acid testing.When an antigen test is positive, a nucleic acid test must be performed to confirm it.”If the nucleic acid test is positive, regardless of whether the antigen test is negative or positive, the tested person should be treated as a COVID-19 patient or confirmed patient.”Li Jinming said.Jiao Yahui, director of the Medical administration Bureau of the National Health Commission, said that if residents have the need for antigen testing, they can go to the nearest primary medical and health institutions for antigen testing, or buy antigen testing reagents from retail pharmacies or online channels and take the test at home.But Li Jinming also reminded that antigen detection should be used in high-risk, high prevalence of clustered infection population detection, the general population should not do random antigen detection.The purpose of this article is to convey additional information and does not reflect the views or positions of this issue.If related to copyright and other issues, please contact to delete.