Notice of Baicheng City Normal Epidemic Prevention and Control Headquarters

2022-06-11 0 By

Two confirmed cases were reported in Baotou, Inner Mongolia, between February 17 and 18.In light of the current situation of the epidemic and in order to strictly prevent imported cases, the relevant information is hereby notified as follows.One, since February 13, 2022, baotou kunduz zone return (to) white workers must be the first time to belong to the community (CunTun) and the unit is reported to the registration, truthfully report the relevant information, provide activities trajectory and personal health, sign the epidemic prevention and control pledge, and cooperate to carry out the relevant prevention and control measures, to the serious consequences caused by the conceal, falsely report,Investigate the responsibility according to law.2. Communities (villages) should immediately start grid screening of white people returning (returning) from the above areas, and strictly implement home isolation control measures.Three, each community (village) should strengthen propaganda and guidance, guide return (come) white personnel to take the initiative to report.Centralized quarantine measures will be taken for returning or returning white personnel who fail to go through the formalities of reporting and concealing their travel itinerary from medium-high risk areas and cities (prefectures) located in medium-high risk areas at their own expense.If serious consequences are caused, the relevant responsibilities shall be investigated in accordance with laws and regulations.4. Hospitals, supermarkets, restaurants, hotels, libraries, public baths, theaters, Internet cafes, tourist attractions, markets and other crowded places should strictly implement normal epidemic prevention and control measures;Airports and stations should arrange passenger flows reasonably to avoid delays and gatherings of passengers.All hotels, guesthouses, inns, bathhouses and other accommodation and business establishments should truthfully register the information of travelers, actively screen for white people returning from key epidemic prevention and control areas, and report to local communities (villages) in a timely manner.V. Remind the general public not to go to the relevant areas of the epidemic in the near future if it is not necessary, and report to the community (village) and work unit if it is necessary to go in case of special circumstances, and take good personal protection.Report arrival date to the community (village) and work unit of the place of residence before return, and cooperate with the implementation of corresponding prevention and control measures.6. COVID-19 vaccination is the most economical and effective measure to prevent Novel coronavirus pneumonia.Eligible citizens are advised to go to the vaccination sites where they live and get vaccinated as soon as possible.People who have received the second dose of vaccine for more than 6 months should complete the enhanced immunization as soon as possible.The general public should continue to adhere to good habits, such as wearing masks in a scientific way, washing hands and ventilation frequently, and maintaining safe social distancing.In case of fever, cough, diarrhea and other suspicious symptoms, go to the fever clinic of designated hospitals in time under the premise of self-protection.Avoid taking public transportation during medical treatment.Baicheng City Normal Epidemic Prevention and Control Headquarters February 18, 2022