Jiayuguan public security loyally fulfill the mission and strive to write a safe answer

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Since 2021, the provincial public security department and the municipal party committee and municipal government under the strong leadership of new era public security to jiayuguan jinping the ideas of socialism with Chinese characteristics as guidance, thoroughly implement the party’s nineteenth spirit and the 19th session of the previous session, with the founding in one hundred security stability as the main line, to create modern policing mechanism to support, in forging public security tiejun, for security,Faithfully fulfill the duties and missions of the new era, successfully complete various tasks, ensure the overall social security and stability of the city, create a good social security environment for jiayuguan’s high-quality economic and social development, and hand over a bright report card.Carrying out the Concept of “Great Peace” to promote the construction of “Safe Jiayuguan” In an all-round way the police of Jiayuguan carried out the concept of “Great Peace” to promote the construction of “Safe Jiayuguan” in an all-round way.The public security of Jiayuguan sticks to source control, attack and prevention simultaneously, promotes prevention by attack and goes hand in hand with electric fraud. “Jinzhong Jar” APP covers 65.3% of the city’s real population, and the number of electric fraud cases decreases year on year, while the number of electric fraud cases and the number of arrests increase year on year respectively.The overall work has blossomed in many places, and the work of big data construction and application, big supervision, cracking down on traditional crimes of encroachment on wealth, and solving the murder cases has ranked the forefront of the province.At the same time, the “smart security” community all completed, the city’s effective police, public security cases, criminal cases decreased year on year respectively, the city’s drug control situation presents a “four reduction” good situation.The “road chief system” responsibility system for traffic safety was comprehensively constructed, and the joint attendance of special patrol officers was implemented. The number of motor vehicles and drivers increased “double”, and the number of traffic accidents and deaths decreased “double”, which made public security contributions for Jiayuguan to retain its title as a civilized city in China.Promoting municipal Social Governance to ensure that people live and work in peace And contentment Jiayuguan Public Security Vigorously promotes municipal social governance, aiming at the goal of modernization of social governance system and governance capacity, actively preventing and resolving major risks, and striving to ensure that people live and work in peace and contentment.Jiayuguan public security deepened the establishment of “Fengqiao-style police station”, took the prevention and resolution of social contradictions as a key project, closely focused on marriage, love, family, neighborhood, debt and other contradictions and disputes that are easy to cause public security problems, and resolved the contradictions and disputes in the bud.Jiayuguan, meanwhile, the public security to strengthen public security prevention and control system, deepen the modernise district social governance, continue to strengthen the key unit for key parts, security prevention capacity, strictly implement the kindergarten safety management measures of primary and secondary schools, schools in the city “to protect the XueGang” set up the rate of 100%, school safety standard “four 100%” the province took the lead.To strengthen the support of emergency operations, high-level social encounter prevention and control work and response mechanism will be activated at different times.The public security bureau of Jiayuguan continued to optimize the business environment. Relying on community policing, it dispatched more than 30 “escort officers” and published a list of “two light and one exemption”.At the same time, we cracked down on economic crimes, protected the legitimate rights and interests of enterprises and the public, and significantly improved the quality and efficiency of public security services, effectively optimizing the business environment.In addition, the public security of Jiayuguan focused on the “urgent and difficult and anxious” problems that troubled enterprises and the masses in the fields of household administration, traffic management and entry and exit, and promoted the implementation of the “provincial comprehensive handling” of high-frequency matters. 10 public security businesses, 6 entry and exit businesses, and 10 traffic management businesses realized the “provincial comprehensive handling”.We will enable the people and businesses to reap more dividends of reform and innovation.The public security of Jiayuguan resolutely implements the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important speech, anchors the “four iron general” standards, and strives to build a loyal, clean and responsible public security iron army of the new era.Jiayuguan public security takes party history learning and education as the key work throughout the year, and guides the whole police to inherit the red gene and continue the red blood through holding special lectures on party history and reports on heroic models.The practice of “I do practical things for the people” has won high support and praise from people from all walks of life.At the same time, Jiayuguan Public security has further promoted the team education and rectification, fully paid attention to the “four tasks”, steadily promoted the “three links”, carried out the serious rectification of the influence of the current poison, carried out the self-revolution with the courage and determination of the blade to turn inward, scraping the bone to cure poison, and led the comprehensive strict management of the Party and police to further.In addition, jiayuguan public security through the implementation of “red and blue list”, “war table award”, “award to the front line” and other ways to maximize morale, inspire morale, and constantly improve the fighting capacity and cohesion of the team.