Like tea, don’t always think of “Biluochun”, these 5 styles also taste, drink once love

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Like tea, don’t always think of “Biluochun”, these 5 also taste, drink once fell in love with life there are many people do not understand tea, tea packaging and reputation to distinguish the good and bad.In fact, this is a very wrong standard for choosing tea.Although a lot of good tea is cheap, not as famous as famous tea, but very good taste, quality is not inferior to those famous tea.Moreover, sometimes buy expensive tea, is not necessarily their favorite taste, sometimes will be self-righteous, unscrupulous merchants cheat, money also spent a lot, the quality of the tea is not so good, and finally become a sucker.They say: those who know how to see the door, those who don’t know how to see the fun.Real tea customers only buy the right tea, not expensive tea, not only in the brand-name tea, but also a lot of ordinary people can afford to drink high-quality ration tea.So when buying tea, we should not only think of “Biluochun, Tieguanyin” and other famous brands, but buy the best one that suits you. You might as well try these 5 styles if you have time, maybe you will fall in love with them once you drink them.This tea from Chongqing, is a unique “needle tea”, it belongs to green tea.It is a new variety of modern tea, tea planting technology and tea production technology, so that it not only has good quality, but also has the characteristics of high yield.This is also the reason why the price is low, but the quality can not keep up.Cable tight beautiful, burging full have sent, check the number is significant.After the soup, the water is clear and clear, and the aroma is fresh and refreshing, making people very comfortable.Drink a mouthful, taste sweet fresh sweet, smooth into the throat.After swallowing, quench thirst and solution greasy, gan obviously.This is a mild and delicate tea with a sweet taste and healthy quality ration tea without additives.Make this kind of black tea is famous Fried tea master Wen Sheng entire, by his traditional tea has been the national non-material cultural heritage collection, there will always stay, the fairy fog chicken nameplates, relies on the craft, black tea produced by young lasting fragrance, taste very sweet mellow, it also makes it a lot better than the taste of the tea than normal.Its dry tea shape tight and complete, slightly curved, dark and shiny;The tea soup is bright red and bright, without any impurities;Close to the glass and sniff, you can smell a sweet tangerine aroma, the smell of people can not help but drink a glass.After a fine taste, the tea soup is warm and delicate, with a long and winding fragrance. The whole mouth will be filled with the aroma of tea, and there will be an obvious return to gan Shengjin after swallowing.This tea is a specialty of Buddha County in Yongchun, Fujian province.Few people know about it, but it’s not going to overshadow it.Because its tea shape resembles Buddha’s hand, hence the name “Buddha’s hand”.Its tea strips are tight and fat, curly, dark brown in color and light, fragrant and mellow, baked through the heat has faded fire incense.Soup color orange bright yellow, no impurities.The tea is fragrant and elegant when brewing. The mouth is delicate and the tongue tip will have a special wood aroma. The tea is delicate and smooth.In addition to the price of this tea, it has an unusual feature, that is, too many “tea stalks”.These tea stems play a large part in the reason why shoumei’s tea soup tastes so good.Of course, this also tells us the fact that for white tea, the number of stalks in the tea does not represent the quality of the tea.Moreover, these tea stems store a lot of fiber, which makes life eyebrow taste rich.Its leaves are more and wider, the color of dry tea is bright green, the color of soup is orange yellow or dark yellow, clear and bright, and the taste is sweet and refreshing.Lapsang Souchong is the ancestor of black tea, with a history of 400 years.Its growth environment is high, the four seasons are distinct, the soil is fertile and loose, tea trees not only grow luxuriant, but also rich in nutrients.Dry tawny Zulu run, with natural flowers, rich and delicate, after soaking in water, the soup color is bright red and bright;The aroma is long and high with smoke fragrance, taste mellow, fine taste, it also has the fragrance of longan;Some people also like to add some milk when drinking it, so that milk tea is made, and it tastes great.