2-0!La Liga’s top side refused to pull off another upset, with Martial providing an assist to move within three points of Real Madrid

2022-06-10 0 By

Sevilla hosted Elche in the last game in La Liga and they won 2-0.Sevilla had drawn three games in a row and refused to be upset again, finally picking up three points to continue chasing real Madrid at the top of the league.Sevilla were unable to score in the first half, though they held down their opponents.The deadlock was finally broken in the 70th minute of the second half when Gomez took the ball up front and dribbled it across the pitch before suddenly striking the ball off elche and bouncing it into the net to give Sevilla a 1-0 lead.Six minutes later, the score was changed again when Sevilla countered with a long ball from the back, which Was met by Martial who headed in Mir’s goal.This winter window, Martial loan to La Liga, this game has finally made a contribution.After a 2-0 lead, sevilla’s victory was assured and they picked up the three points.Sevilla now have 50 points after beating Elche, leaving them three points adrift of real at the top of the table.Next, Real Madrid will be a guest against the strong enemy Villarreal, at present Benzema is still recovering from injury, this round will not play in la Liga, this attack on Real Madrid, will have a fatal impact, the La Liga giants at any time may surprise drop points.This season, Sevilla will be real Madrid’s strongest rivals for the title.After being eliminated from the champions League, Sevilla can concentrate on the league, although they will still be playing in the Europa League, which is not as attractive to sevilla as the Spanish title.Real have the Champions League to distract them from sevilla, and their next two deciders against Greater Paris are sure to consume most of their energy.If Real Madrid lose points in La Liga, sevilla will have a chance.All in all, the Spanish title is still very much on the line, sevilla are currently behind, they may not have a chance to overturn.Let’s not forget, carlo Ancelotti’s last time in charge of Real Madrid, he did not rotate, which caused the team to collapse in the second half of the season, now real Madrid injuries are increasing, And He could repeat the same mistake at any time, Real Madrid really need to learn a lesson.