The soldiers and soldiers of the Qingming Festival in various forms from the spirit of the heroes to draw forward power

2022-06-09 0 By If faith has color, it must be China red;If the motherland needs someone to stand up, it is undoubtedly our people’s army.During the Qingming Festival, the PLA and armed Police carry out memorial activities to remember the revolutionary martyrs and draw inspiration from the spirit of the martyrs.On the eve of tomb-sweeping Day, a brigade of the 74th Group Army carried out “follow the martyrs’ red footprints” series of commemorative activities, from the brigade history corridor to the martyrs’ Memorial Park, and then to the Red Army company’s honor room, step by step the red footprints let officers and men in respect of the thick history, meditation on the brilliant blood fire, arouse the rejuvenation of the nation, the strong army’s steady power.The 74th Group Army brigade soldier Zhang Xuanning: the new era, as the successor of the revolutionary fire, but also the “one not afraid of hardship, two not afraid of death” fighting spirit into the endogenous power of training and war preparation, make up the spirit of calcium, fulfill the mission of our generation.In the North Huancheng Road Martyrs cemetery in Dunhua, Jilin province, 322 revolutionary martyrs who died during the period of fighting against the United States and aiding Korea are buried.On the Tomb-sweeping Day, officers and soldiers of a shenyang Joint Logistics Support Center stationed in the local area paid tribute to and inherited the great spirit of fighting against the US and helping the DPRK in line with the requirements of epidemic prevention and control.Liu Jianlin, a warehouse soldier of Shenyang Joint Logistic Support Center: It is because of their sacrifice that we have a happy life now.We must always bear in mind that soldiers should be ready to fight, practice killing skills, and be ready to defend this hard-won new era with their lives.Hero monument stands in the heart, hero spirit from generation to generation.Qingming Festival, officers and soldiers of an artillery brigade of the 72nd Group Army walked into the museum of brigade history, returning to the extraordinary years of war smoke, feeling the revolutionary spirit of the revolutionary ancestors.In the Dong Cunrui Martyrs’ Cemetery in Chengde, Hebei province, the officers and men of military divisions stood solemnly, expressing infinite grief and admiration for the hero.A + – Officers and soldiers from a regiment under the Xigaze Military Sub-command of Tibet visit the Revolutionary Martyrs’ Cemetery to pay tribute to 412 heroes who sacrificed their lives with honor and made outstanding contributions in all walks of life.Tan Tinghong, political commissar of a regiment in Tibet’s Rikatse Military Sub-Command, said: “All our officers and soldiers will remember the glorious history, inherit the red gene, devote themselves wholeheartedly to the transformation of the army, training and preparing for war, and take good care of border areas and defense so as to comfort the martyrs with concrete actions.”Nearly 100 officers and soldiers of the “Yang Jingyu Detachment” of the 83rd Group Army remembered the heroes in front of the heroic wall on the Iron Fist Square, and learned spiritual nutrition from recalling the glorious history and inheriting and carrying forward the tradition.Shi Zi ‘an, a soldier of a compound brigade of the 83rd Group Army, said: “My hometown is Jingyu County, and I served in The Yang Jingyu Detachment. I can feel the heroic gene in my blood. I will carry forward the spirit of Jingyu, be a good successor of Jingyu, and devote myself to the practice of strengthening the army with practical actions.