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Meixian elderly walk out of more than 40 kilometers lost week to the public security will be the old man back to safety in the afternoon of March 29, zhou to the county public Security Bureau mute Bai police station received the masses alarm, said yu Sheng village embankment road near, there is an old man lying on the side of the road, ask police help.After receiving the police quickly drove to the scene, helped the old man up and asked that the old man, now 64 years old, is from Meixian county, came out from home to walk more and more far, tired to lie on the side of the road to rest.Later, the police took the old man back to the house, and brought some food for the old man to eat.The old man while eating, while the police and the old man patiently talk, the old man told the police he was wearing an ID card, and to the police to view, id card information shows that the old man is a village in The town of Ying Tou, Meixian county, more than 40 kilometers away from the police found the old man’s location.Police contact after the old man’s family did not contact, and it is getting late, the old man said usually only one person at home, in order to let the old man safely back home as soon as possible, the police decided to drive back to the old man.After arriving at the old man’s village, according to the guidance of the old man, the old man was finally sent to his brother’s house before dark and told the old man not to go far at ordinary times in order to avoid similar situations.On the afternoon of March 30, qinghua police station received a call for help from the local people who reported that a young man was wandering around Xingyuan Village, not a resident of the village, with dull eyes and strange behavior.After receiving the police immediately rushed to the xing Yuan village, found the crowd described the man, the man in his 20s, sitting on a stone in the west Xing Yuan village square, wearing thin, a little afraid of the appearance.The police learned from the masses that this guy has been sitting near the village square for a long time, not the village and nearby people, and can not communicate with its normal and understand the specific situation.Later, the police bought bread and water and other food from the nearby store to him to eat, and learned that the man is from a village in Luoyu town, the family situation is difficult, often run away without any reason.Later, with the cooperation of the guangji police station, the Qinghua police successfully made contact with its family members, and finally returned it safely to its father, and told the family to take care of the responsibility, so as to avoid similar situations.Statement: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through email, we will deal with it in time.Email address: