Zhang Shicheng’s mother’s tomb, due to the renovation of the primary school was excavated, unearthed pure gold crown is a treasure

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Preface: In the history of Our country, many tombs were discovered and excavated because of infrastructure construction. In 1964, an ancient tomb was accidentally discovered during the renovation of a primary school in Suzhou.The school did not slack off, and immediately stopped work for archaeologists to investigate the tomb, which was later named “Cao’s Tomb” or “The Tomb of Lady Yuan.”After the discovery of the tomb, experts carried out an investigation. It was a coincidence that the tomb was discovered during the expansion of The Panxi Primary School in Suzhou, which prompted the school’s leaders to report the discovery to the cultural archaeology department.Experts rushed to the scene for investigation, found that this tomb is the end of the Yuan Dynasty period of an ancient tomb, and the inscription on the tomb is also to make experts very surprised.The inscription on the tomb reads “Tombstone of Cao Tafei, The Queen mother of Zhang and Wu”, which shows that the owner of the tomb had a very high status.However, in the process of urgent excavation, experts found that the tomb was only a civilian burial, and did not have high standards.However, experts continued to investigate and excavate the tomb because of the inscription on the tombstone.In the tomb, experts found a crown made of pure gold. The work of the crown is very fine, and it can be found among the cultural relics unearthed today. It is a very rare treasure.When unearthed, it is very brightly colored, the overall preservation is also very good, there are some jade exists in the crown.And the crown jade is carved with 12 Chinese zodiac animals, such workmanship also made experts very amazed.Solid gold crowns are rarely found even in the tombs of ancient empresses, and the discovery of this piece has raised more doubts among experts about the tomb.According to the overall specifications of the tomb, it was indeed a civilian burial, but in addition to the pure gold crown, there was a silk coat made of thin silk, which was only found on the royal body.In addition, there are some jade belts, jade accessories and other cultural relics unearthed, such specifications of cultural relics unearthed, but not the royal and noble mausoleums, also let experts feel that there must be a reason.It is zhang Shicheng’s mother’s tomb After the investigation of experts, it is found that the tomb is indeed a tomb in the late Yuan Dynasty, but it is also a civilian tomb, and the owner of the tomb is Zhang Shicheng’s mother Cao’s family.Experts also compared historical records and found that Zhang Shicheng occupied Suzhou directly after his rebellion, and his mother followed him to live in Suzhou.Later because brother Zhang Shide died in battle, also let the mother’s body is not as good as before, the final depression and the end.After the death of his mother, Zhang Shicheng directly ordered a pure gold crown to be placed in his mother’s tomb, and also moved his father’s coffin here, the two will be buried together.He’s always been ambitious, that’s why there are 10 words on the tombstone.This is enough to explain why the overall size of the tomb is not high, but there are many valuable cultural relics unearthed in it.Although Zhang Shicheng’s background is not particularly good, salt peddler, but in the late Yuan Dynasty, he also has a place in the separatist forces, claiming to be the King of Wu.However, at the age of 47, he hanged himself after repeated defeats against Zhu Yuanzhang.It was because of his ambition to become emperor that he inscribed the words on his mother’s tombstone.After he broke into Suzhou, it is also very good to the people, which also let the people of Suzhou always remember zhang Shicheng’s kindness.To sum up: in this tomb, the pure gold crown is of great historical value. In addition, the silk fragments in the tomb are also very special. Some experts say that such silk fabric is very rare and can be regarded as a national treasure.Picture source network, if there is infringement please contact delete