Longwang Town, Ningshan County: Public welfare posts stimulate people’s “endogenous motivation”

2022-06-08 0 By

Yangchun March, qinling deep Ningshan County Longwang Town heping village, the winter chill has not tuijin, every morning Wang Dafu took a broom, struggling to sweep in the village, the village clean cleaning.”Since my family is unable to travel far away from home due to practical difficulties, the village now arranges public welfare jobs, with a monthly income of 600 yuan, and the rest of the time, I can manage the property.”A few days ago, when the town social security station to “send technology”, asked the performance of duties, Wang Dafu said excitedly.Wang Dafu is the longwang town heping village out of poverty, because of years of illness, weak labor force, single, has been suffering from no source of income.At the beginning of this year, the Longwang Town Party Committee and the government considered his actual difficulties and included him in the ranks of public welfare post employment, which is an epitome of the development of public welfare post in Longwang Town to help rural revitalization.In recent years, the town has taken employment as an important task to effectively link the achievements of poverty alleviation with rural vitalization. It has conducted visits to villages and households to find out the number of households that have been lifted out of poverty and who have worked at home, and to get a detailed picture of their families and their willingness to work.At the same time, combining with the actual situation of poverty families and personal ability specialty, personal health and willingness to accurately match, arrangement of highway maintenance, the ranger, cleaner, such as public welfare jobs, and organize to carry out the pre-service training, solve the problem of their employment needs and the quality is uneven, realize “ShuXieShi” transition to a “ZaoXieShi”.Up to now, a total of 99 public welfare posts have been set up, and each poverty-stricken person employed in these posts can steadily increase their income by more than 7,200 yuan per year.”We will develop public welfare jobs to provide jobs for those who have been lifted out of poverty, ensure their income is stable and help rural revitalization.”Dragon town mayor Ms. Wang said, the next step, according to continue to innovative development of public welfare jobs, labor to provide job security for engaged in public welfare jobs out of poverty, ensure the long-term stable income, let poverty families use their labor to create value, stimulate endogenous power, enhance the capacity of the rich of the masses, firm faith striving to make progress.Correspondent: You Lei, Chen Yangjun (YT01)