Every festival times miss relatives, long separation of people look forward to reunion

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Today I heard a song “long separation of people”, the lyrics let meditation: “long separation of people who do not look forward to the reunion, the reunion is afraid of the day in a hurry, busy old love, not over the dream, a sharp knife is difficult to break lotus silk love.”This is to describe the love of lovers still unbroken, in fact, the same is true of students, although the love of students is cut constantly, but encounter bump into bump will also produce cracks.The rift is not beyond repair, as time goes by, all the kindness and grudges will be forgotten, the only thing I can remember is the love of my classmates.People who have been separated for a long time are really looking forward to meeting again. After meeting again, they feel that time passes too fast. This is the feeling of missing their old classmates for a long time.I have three classmates who I haven’t seen since graduation.There is a female student surnamed Zhou once had an acquaintance.The three students have not had a chance to meet since graduation.I haven’t heard from my first classmate since he left our class. I just didn’t know that.That year, write reminiscence article, think of in elementary school time thing.His only memory was of picking elm money from a tree in a classmate’s yard, which was then behind 608 Hall.There were many big elm trees, but the tall elm trees were difficult to pick, so he suggested that another girl had many elm trees in her yard.So he offered to take me to the knot.The yard of female classmate’s house is also army.The location is also on the 8th street, after the park North road, but also past the park store.When I went into the yard, I saw that the trees there were higher and could not be reached without trees. There was no lower part at all.After a circle, the male students pointed to a door to say that the female students home.So, I number letter to knock on the door, but knock along while no one.We both went away disappointed.A few years ago, a classmate heard that I was looking for, so he managed to get the number from the male classmate’s relatives.The phone call is really very excited, from 73 should be more than 30 years have not heard each other’s voice.So, I became QQ friends with “Northwest Wolf”.Know that female classmate information also has the classmate to do everything possible to find, we also had the telephone contact with that female classmate.The first two years can also talk chat, plus wechat friends.I sent her all the information and photos of our class’s parties.And also about the 50th anniversary of primary school graduation.Later, I sent several messages but there was no reply.This period may be through a few phone conversations, Lao some situations, she said her son to come back to see wechat.One day, I used wechat to say hello, but suddenly I saw the girl’s information on wechat. What I did not expect was a letter from her son: his mother suffered a sudden cerebral hemorrhage yesterday and was in emergency treatment.Alas, unfortunately, she had been in a wheelchair since I contacted her.But anyway, I can still call, I can talk, and now, I can’t even talk.The third student is still silent, he went to a technical secondary school, after graduation has been working in the field, so many years this old classmate also do not take the initiative to contact with students, will not forget the old classmate.The Zhou I said is a girl who can play basketball.My impression of her has always been fixed in the classroom. When she came to our class, she sat on the side by the window at first. Because of her height, she sat in the last row, and I don’t remember who she sat at the same table with.Tall, anyway.I was sitting on the east side of the wall, in the second row behind.Because she is a sports stick, so the impression is particularly deep.In a dramatic way, god arranged for us to meet once, and I missed the chance to make a connection.When I went to school in Changchun in 1978, I returned to a post office near the station to mail and buy stamps.When I was done, I looked around and noticed a familiar face on the innermost side of the post office counter, the seat at the back against the wall.I thought for a moment, is the surname zhou students, at that time can still name, later recall this matter, unexpectedly forgot the name.I really wanted to go up and say hello, but there was a line of people waiting at her window, so I couldn’t say anything.After reading it for a while, I thought I would have time to recognize each other.Who knows, when go again that position changed someone else, did not see her again.I regret it to this day.This year we meet the 50th anniversary of graduation day, I do not know god to give us the opportunity to get together.But be prepared for the big party anyway.