Weiyuan County public Security bureau adopted five measures to cope with the Spring Festival return peak and snow and ice weather

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Lunar New Year holiday is coming to an end in 2022, in the face of snow and ice weather and travel peak brought great pressure to our county road traffic, to ensure road traffic safety stability during Spring Festival travel peak, weiyuan public security bureau to promote ideological understanding, strengthen the work measures, layer upon layer to carry out the responsibility, take five measures to strengthen the travel peak traffic safety management work,Actively respond to snow and ice weather, to ensure that the county road traffic situation is stable.First, improve the ideological understanding, adhere to the “safety pass”.To seriously implement the February 5 video dispatch meetings and vice mayor of Li Jinqiang speech, county public security bureau party committee attaches great importance to, set up by the county government, deputy secretary of the party committee, county, county public security bureau chief comrade Vincent Yang coalesced into the frozen snow inclement weather, road traffic emergency bao chang work leading group, launched the “snow and ice weather emergency plan,Auxiliary police from 50 people enrich pavement control line, carry out the returning peak and snow weather to be completed, for all the people of the auxiliary police focus and put an end to slack off, enhance the sense of responsibility, quickly enter the work state, keep the road security efforts during the Spring Festival, density, stick to the “security clearance”, go all out on the holiday area of the traffic safety management work,Resolutely curb the occurrence of road traffic accidents.Second, implement prevention at the source to ensure “zero hidden dangers”.County public Security Bureau traffic police brigade quickly coordinated transportation, highway departments to strengthen the national and provincial road snow melt work, do not have safe access to the mountain road, urged the township “two stations one room” resolutely take control measures such as banning, closing, to ensure road safety.The joint transport departments urge transport enterprises to implement the measures of stopping passenger transport to and through areas that do not have safe passage conditions, and strictly prevent bus accidents.Three, strengthen the inspection of road surface, do a good job of “strict control”.Traffic police brigades focus on national and provincial roads and urban roads, rely on law enforcement service stations, increase the number of duty stations and diversion points, and intensify patrol and control efforts to see police cars during the day and police lights at night, strictly investigate traffic violations, quickly solve traffic accidents, timely find and eliminate hidden dangers and dangerous situations, and accept people’s help.Each township police squadron joint “two stand one room” personnel in rural roads deployment of police science, through the lights warning, propaganda prompt, alerts, remind vehicles and pedestrians, slow down the road, and guide the masses non-essential not to travel, at the same time actively launch area crowd deicing snow, to ensure a smooth flow of traffic rural roads.4. Strictly standardize law enforcement and promote civilized behavior.On duty during the Spring Festival travel peak, the county bureau for pavement law enforcement police firmly remember specification “rational and peaceful civilization enthusiasm” concept of law enforcement, law enforcement and civilization enthusiasm and always adhere to the specification, in addition to “SanChao a fatigue”, stakeholders involved certificate, such as driving drunk driving poison serious traffic offence scrutiny introduce, for minor traffic violations to criticism education is given priority to,And pay attention to the law enforcement language, tone, earnestly do civilized, rational, peaceful, standardized law enforcement, so that the majority of drivers and passengers feel weiyuan public security traffic police outside the strict law enforcement warmth and care, further close harmonious police relations, establish a good image of Weiyuan public security traffic police.Five, extensive warning prompt, create “thick atmosphere”.One is aimed at close range of the peak and the influence of the bad weather, snow and ice makes full use of various media and the mode of transmission, high frequency, wide range, high density to organize to carry out the safety tips, timely release the weather, traffic information and controls a highway, a big traffic safe driving, ice and snow weather conditions related to prompt,Remind the majority of drivers to choose reasonable, prudent driving, safe travel.The second is to increase the area of passenger transport enterprises, passenger vehicle drivers road traffic safety publicity, education drivers will be civilized driving behavior, fasten seat belt into practical action, firmly do not overmanned, not overspeed, not fatigue driving, put an end to drunk driving behavior.Article source: comprehensive office issued: Li Weiqiang review: Yang Hongxing editor: Tang Qiaoxue safety no small matter, law-abiding safe line!Click to enter the wechat public account of weiyuan County Public Security Traffic Police