Beijing Winter Olympics | China female ice head coach: Chinese players for the country and home for themselves have done their best

2022-06-07 0 By

Xinhua News Agency Beijing, February 7 (reporters Zhao Xu, Hu Jiali)The Chinese women’s ice hockey team lost 2-1 to Sweden on Sunday night, ending the group stage with a record of 5 points and 2-2, with little hope of qualifying.”As a team ranked 20th in the world, China competed against the top nine teams in the world and fought hard in every match. They tried their best for their country, their families and themselves,” said China women’s ice hockey head coach Christine Idalski after the match.China’s head coach Rudy Idalski (c) sets up the team for the overtime match in Beijing, capital of China, Feb. 6, 2019.China was penalized in the second quarter and Sweden equalized, which became a major turning point in the game, Idalski said.”This game was mainly after the penalty call in the second quarter, our mentality changed and let them score quickly.We played well in the third quarter, but unfortunately we couldn’t equalize.”Idalski repeatedly used the word “satisfied” when talking about the Chinese women’s performance in the four games.”I am satisfied with the effort of the Chinese team and the level we showed. I think every match we tried to create chances to win and played very positive. I hope the Chinese women can continue to move forward in the future.”Most of the Chinese female ice hockey players are “generation Z”.”A lot of young players at this age are development level players in other countries,” Idalski said.So the challenge for us is to get more young players to improve for the world Championships and the Winter Olympics.”Editors: Ding Wenxian, Wang Hengzhi, Wu Junkuan