The use of unmanned aerial vehicles in Suning to help ban the use of drugs to tackle the initial results, there is no escape from illegal poppy cultivation

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– the rule of law weekly (correspondent to the volunteers Liu Mengdan) current is what drugs former plant poppy flower season, in order to improve the coverage and eradication work on April 5, qingming festival on the same day, suining unodc, county public security bureau anti-drug brigade, spread the amphibious police station, forest public security bureau, long shop “forbidden shovel poison” the township government jointly launch joint inspections,Aerial drone inspection and ground manual inspection and verification of the combination of the way.Patrol, uav operators in long shop town several implementation of aerial work, through analyzing the remote sensing hd video scene, screening out the suspected poppy cultivation, marijuana and other drugs former plant location, the inspectors to review and confirm the suspected farmers, eliminate illegal drugs former plant illegal and criminal activities.”Using unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) to carry out the ban of shovel poison the air patrols, house-to-house door TaZha saves not only the staff of the trouble, make up for the artificial TaZha especially at the top of the abandoned houses, high-rise buildings in the complex terrain region such as TaZha blind area and dead Angle, improve the work quality, and the uav flying over the community patrol, but illegal crime personnel are ubiquitous deterrent for law enforcement,It has created a good public opinion atmosphere and a high pressure situation that ‘all kinds of drugs are illegal, all kinds of drugs must be tackled and all kinds of drugs must be investigated’.”County public security Bureau anti-drug brigade deputy battalion chief, county anti-drug office full-time deputy director Xiao Dingyong.At noon on the same day, the police involved in the patrol operation according to the characteristics of the uav shooting range, speed and high definition, using the uav to the area of illegal cultivation of opium poppy, the original plant of the air patrol.When the uav moved to the south of Changpu Town, the gate of Asus Chemical Plant located in Xiazixi community administration carried out aerial inspection, the police found a piece of pink and purple flowers suspected to be poppies in the vegetable field behind the chemical plant through the UAV, and then went up the mountain for inspection. Indeed, it was found that there were 45 poppies planted in total, and part of the capsules had been shaped.Then the police to the nearby vegetable villagers understand, find the illegal suspect poppy planting middle-aged farmer zhong mou and bring it to the scene, and when the police asked, Zhong mou actually in all seriousness to the police, this is she found a wild vegetable, eat up “very delicious”.Police at first thought is zhong mou to avoid dealing with pretend not know, but after listening to zhong mou solemnly kept “introduction”, police discovered that she really didn’t know this is “wild” drug “dope”, and doing a variety of some good salad, is listening to rumors poppy when not only delicious but also has health care efficacy, especially the fruit can also help the husband medicine cure,So I planted a small patch on the side of my vegetable patch on the hillside behind my house.Finally, the police patiently and carefully to the middle-aged farmer’s legal preaching, informed her that opium poppy is “big smoke” opium extraction plant, the consequences of planting and the harm of drugs.After the police’s criticism of education, the farmer also realized his mistake, realize that they do confused things, while thanking the police to remind her, while actively cooperate with the police to uproot the seedlings, said willing to accept the punishment of the public security organs.Next, to intensify the crackdown on illegal poppy cultivation and other offenses, avoid blind Angle missed, suining municipal public security bureau will work with the township party committee, government and county JinDuWei member units in the county to carry out the kind of shovel poison big screen, to continue the use of unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) for perspective, through the air patrol for expanding the scope of the search, the implementation of “linkage” open space,As far as possible to improve the efficiency and precision of police inspection.The follow-up, will also press suining unodc issued by a shovel about be banned in 2022 poison work notice file and work plan, the county will continue to carry out visiting survey, the public security organ police and will TaZha working with organic combination of the anti-drug publicity and education, by household visits in case such as form, let the county-wide people to recognize the harmfulness of drug-related crime and severity,The public is encouraged to actively provide drug-related clues, jointly participate in cracking down on drug-related crimes, and purify the social environment.