Chongqing’s 85-year-old mother was locked out of her home in 2014, claiming she was frozen to death overnight

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During the first ten months of pregnancy, a mother may face risks such as high blood pressure and diabetes during pregnancy, and may even die in childbirth due to excessive blood loss. Statistics show that about 1,000 mothers die every day from diseases related to pregnancy and childbirth.More than watching the production risk, you can probably understand “October fetal weight and good repay light” the meaning of this sentence, the mother to child birth, paid a life of their own, children should have a good repay the grace of her child, but some do not filial son, forget the favour of the mother when I grow up, mother cry outside all night, and he would not take mother into the home…In 2014, Xie Changying was 85 years old in Chongqing, and her physical function had declined. Her wife died many years ago, so she could not live alone and could only be taken care of by her four sons in turn. Before, the four sons took turns to take care of her, but on New Year’s Day, 2014, she suddenly had no one to take care of her.Xie Changying’s four sons agreed that the first day of every month is the handover date. January 1, 2014 is The New Year’s Day, which is also the first day xie Changying went to the old people. In exchange for others, the mother came to her home for the New Year’s Day, and should use eight big sedan chair to carry back, but the boss refused to take Xie Changying over.On New Year’s day, XieChangYing still having breakfast, four daughter-in-law, can’t wait to send her bedclothes to old people, the boss has to deliver the XieChangYing them four daughter-in-law don’t have to rush to, because his wife back, is he a person in the home, and he wait to go to other village to drink, have no time to tube XieChangYing, four daughter-in-law had to put cladding on this first.At 8 o ‘clock in the morning, Xie Changying finished breakfast, her son Lao 4 sent her to the old people, but the old people’s door is closed, Lao 4 see eldest brother is not at home, he said to Xie Changying: “You wait here first, eldest brother will soon come back.”Say that finish, old four xie Changying air in the old everybody, oneself a person went back.Old four go back to still have other matter, his mother-in-law next day birthday, he wants to kill a pig to ask a person to have a meal, today busy not come over, so will xie Changying throw in eldest brother home.Xie Changying thought the eldest brother would come back soon, but they did not wait for two hours. In January, the outdoor temperature was only 1 or 2 degrees, and the wind made her shiver, so she went to Lao Si’s home for shelter.Old four see mother back to his home, xie Changying walked back to the eldest brother’s home, the eldest brother is not at home at this time, old four is not welcome, Xie Changying had to go to the other son’s home, while walking also crying.Although the weather in January was very cold, it could be cold but the attitude of Lao Four, Lao four would rather to the mother-in-law, are not willing to take care of his own mother, such a son and what use, Xie Changying thought of this suddenly feel that he is not as good as outsiders, so tears.Xie Changying went to the second and third family, but they were not at home either. She was 85 years old, so she had to go outside alone. In case of some accident, no one would help her.At 6 o ‘clock in the afternoon, Xie Changying no one tube, villagers Huang saw her as usual, called her to his home to play, Xie Changying did not want to disturb others, but at this time she was cold and hungry, really can not carry on, went to huang some home.XieChangYing at 8 o ‘clock in the morning after breakfast, until 6 PM, all is in a state of no one care, there would be no eat a grain of rice, a sip of water, and the huang a don’t know, thought XieChangYing eaten meal, just took out a small XieChangYing swelled candy rice to eat, if she know XieChangYing have 10 hours without food, she would leave XieChangYing satiate drink enough at home.Xie Changying after eating Shaqima, do not want to trouble others to leave, but she did not want to go to the old everyone, because the eldest brother had started to beat her, she hit to the hospital, she was afraid that they will be beaten, so he went to the home of the third.January is not turn to support the old three, but see Xie Changying take the initiative to find the old three unhappy expression, make the same move as the old four, let her go to the boss don’t bother him, four sons in three can’t, Xie Changying had to go to the second home to try luck, this is the only hope.As the saying goes, “Not one family, not one house.”Xie Changying’s four sons were indeed a family, and the second left xie Changying alone. The reason was the same as the third. Xie Changying was kicked around like a ball, but he could not find a home.As the night got later and later, all the people went home to sleep except Xie Changying. The eldest brother and his wife were home. They had no mother and did not want to look for her.Xie Changying had nowhere to go but in front of Lao Er’s house he called Lao er’s baby name, “Kuikui, please save my life!”This voice is full of helplessness and desolate, any one person listened to will not help but xie Changying please go in, but the second night did not come out, the second explained that did not hear, but the second next to the neighbor said, his ear is not good heard Xie Changying’s cry for help, the second may be deaf.The next morning at 7 am, the second brother went out to send his grandson to school and found Xie sleeping on an outdoor bench. He went over to check and found xie had blood in her mouth and nose, but her body was hot. Thinking xie was ok, he sent his grandson to school first.Half an hour later, the second brother came home, but by this time it was too late. Xie Changying closed his eyes forever.After forensic identification, Xie Changying is a fall caused by traumatic shock death, this dead case did not murder, but Xie Changying’s four sons have been sentenced to punishment, how is this going on?Originally, paragraph 3 of Article 49 of the Constitution stipulates that parents have the duty to rear and educate their minor children, and adult children have the duty to support and assist their parents.The obligation to support xie is a mandatory legal obligation. No matter which son takes the turn in January to support xie, every son has the responsibility to support his mother and provide him with the necessary living conditions both materially and economically.Xie changying’s four sons had the duty to support Xie Changying, but refused to support xie Changying when she was old and had no ability to live independently. The circumstances were bad and constituted the crime of abandonment.Article 261 of the Criminal Law stipulates that whoever commits the crime of desertion shall be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of not more than five years, criminal detention or public surveillance.In the end, the eldest brother was sentenced to two years in prison, while the second to fourth children were sentenced to one and a half years.If it is a young child out alone, the parents will go to look, why the old, no children to look?It turns out that the people who love their children are their parents. The parents of the elderly are not in the world, and no one hurts them.Xie changying’s four sons, who lost their parents and will need their children to support them in the future, can understand their mother’s sadness when they encounter the same thing in the future.