36 years old, life watershed confusion

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1 originally, I had to go to the gym at this time, but due to my busy schedule yesterday, I shelved my writing before going to bed.It doesn’t matter if you think about it. After all, you’ve already accomplished 9 out of 10 things in a day. There’s no need to fight with yourself.It has been one and a half years since the outbreak of the epidemic. This marathon of the epidemic has pushed me, who used to be positive and optimistic, into an abyss.Without regular trips abroad, the perks of being single, and the joys of family, life is a prison sentence.Maybe it’s time to write something.In the past year, I have seen many old friends whom I haven’t seen for many years. My peers are all born in the 1980s, and most of them have their own families, husbands or wives, and one or two children.We post-80 generation, to this time point more or less will reveal the “midlife crisis” distress and confusion.Whether you have a family or you’re alone.From the physical point of view, most of us also have a change in the face, women easily become loose skin, men easily become fat and greasy.The immunity of the body is also poor, and there will be little problems from time to time.The all-nighter isn’t as restorative as it was in your 20s, so people seem to be burning the midnight oil less.Family, work and economy are also troubling most post-80s.At this age.Many people have their own families, houses and cars, but most of them need to pay off various loans and are afraid to quit their jobs.At this age, if you are not a senior manager, you may face “optimization” by the company.The Times are changing, the pattern is also changing, the main force is getting younger.Under the epidemic, many companies have also been eliminated from the market.The post-1980s generation is very special. Most of them are the only child.The old system of distributing jobs and houses is gone in our generation.I have accepted the traditional ideas of my parents’ generation, and I have to accept the new trend of the new era.Conflicted, extreme and confused, I was born in the 1980s. My parents were born in the 1940s. Now it’s 2021, a full 80 years!I can’t even think about it.I just think China has been developing too fast these years.A little careless will be abandoned by The Times.Fortunately, I have not been brought into the “must have a family, or is a traitor” pit.I must have been regarded as a monster in my parents’ time.My mother used to call me “little monster” when she was alive.The single life of the post-380 generation is not so easy. It has gone through three cycles in this world and reached the age of 36.Flip through the photos in the phone, although the past is still very beautiful, but a person of me, in fact, there is confusion.Recently, I have been so depressed that I can only live by lying peacefully and looking up at the ceiling. It seems that I don’t even have the strength to eat. The person I used to love food has completely disappeared.I don’t know what I’m living for when a hobby as simple as food is gone.Of course, I will not choose to commit suicide, because I am afraid of pain.Or maybe I’m just depressed, not depressed.Many people may wonder how a happy guy who “feeds himself and keeps his family happy” could be depressed.Maybe it has something to do with my family of origin.In the face of real loss – “the death of relatives” because my parents were born late, those closest to me in my childhood are old, they are leaving me, leaving this world.At this age, I am constantly feeling the “real” “loss” in my life.It’s no exaggeration to say that my dearest cousin is turning 5.The buddhist question of birth, aging, illness and death is troubling me.Although I feel like a child, the environment tells me THAT I am already an aunt.Facing physical pain – “cliff aging” because of his baby-face and short stature, he is often mistaken for someone in his twenties.I can fool people about my age, but my body can’t fool me. I’m falling off a cliff.It is true that after the age of 35, a woman’s body may deteriorate by the month.Here, hope to see this article you, do not feel too heart plug.Because eventually we’ll find an exit.Facing the confusion of life – “what is the meaning of being alive?” About this problem, countless midnight dreams, as if there is a clear voice told me that “we came to this world is to reproduce.”Think about why the ages of 18 to 24 are the best, because that’s when “flowers” come out. Why do flowers bloom?Waiting for the bees to collect the powder, which is also the reproduction of the flower species itself.The same is true of animals in nature.Humans are essentially no different from animals and plants. After a certain season, flowers should wither. Perhaps the life of flowers is a season, while the life of humans is less than 100 years.It doesn’t seem to make much difference to the earth or to the universe.It’s a question that doesn’t come naturally to a single person who has plenty of time on his or her hands.What is the meaning of our lives?Faced with the confusion of the future – “what will the future be?” the development of the era is forward, is up, while at 36 years old, I face every aspect seems to be declining, is down.I was overwhelmed by a flood of negative emotions that took my breath away.In your 20s, you can change jobs at will, but by the time you’re 36, you probably won’t be able to fit into many core corporate positions.At this age, the professional mentality has changed from active to passive.The core positions in big companies are not available, and the poorly paid things may not be done.Such are the highs and lows of middle age.What we are talking about here is the mentality, so even freelance workers, there is no mentality of the “retreat”, but the risk of entrepreneurship is very big, I am afraid of losing the wife and folding troops.36 is an awkward age, facing the future, is really at a loss.4 Where is the exit?Seeing this, I still hope you will not be too depressed.I must have found a way out to write this article.As the sun rises in the east, it must set in the west.Yes, I’m depressed and all I want to do is lie and stare at the ceiling. So lie and stare!Yeah, it’s not a big deal. It’s all about living.Recently, I particularly like yu Hua’s book “To Live”, in which he said, “People live for living itself, not for anything else.”The book’s storyline has reduced the definition of being alive to a minimum.And a friend of mine who forgot his age once said to me, “When you’re upset, ask yourself what you really want.” I always feel better when I do that.When my mother was alive, she used to say, “What else?”Desire is really one of the causes of pain, like when I’m depressed and I have to get better, that in itself exacerbates the pain.Therefore, when facing any situation, there is only one thing to do, that is “unconditional acceptance”.”Exercise is the key to life” is an old cliche, but it works.I now insist that I must exercise for an hour every day.Sports can get rid of negative emotions biologically speaking, depression in the negative mood can make brain neurotransmitter secretion disorder, thus into the vicious circle, let the person’s mood low, and sports can help the brain neurotransmitter secretion balance, exercise for an hour, at least two hours can dissipate depression, long-term movement is sure to give away the bad mood.It is no secret that sports can make people younger. Although I am 36 years old, some parts of my body are still very tight, which is due to my personality and love of sports.I’ve been active since I was a kid. I went to the gym for the first time when I was 14.When I was in junior high school, I fell to the bottom of the school sports meeting due to the 800-meter long distance running, so I spent the whole vacation running, and finally reached the first place in the grade.In addition to being born with a baby face and short stature, I now look much younger than my peers because of my childhood sports.Exercise can make the body healthier already 36 years old, if exercise is not on the daily routine, it is a great irresponsibility to the living self.Proper exercise every day removes free radicals from your body and strengthens your heart and lungs.If you think about how much less money you can spend on medicine, and how much more money you can spend on a nice dress, why not?It’s been a year and a half since the outbreak disrupted my life.I started learning Japanese, and in just over a year, I passed the N2 Japanese proficiency test.But “passing the exam” made me happy for ten minutes at most.And then there was the endless “slump,” and I couldn’t get out of it.I also know to move, but, forever is today or forget, tomorrow!But “tomorrow and tomorrow, how many tomorrows!”I would like to thank my “old employer” Tianyin Holdings. In those days when I worked in Tianyin, I had a meeting at 8:35 every day on time. After the company’s general meeting, there was a meeting of various departments.Write down the day’s events and cross them off as you complete them.The advantage of this is that you don’t have to think too much, just focus on doing it, and you’ll feel a sense of accomplishment once you’ve done it.I call it “punching in.”It is very difficult for depressed people to take action, even if they do the punch card task. I have experienced this firsthand.My solution is to tell yourself to “take the pill.”Taking a pill can be as simple as thinking of going to the gym as “stepping,” simply moving your legs and not thinking about it.When the first item is crossed off, there is a natural motivation to complete the second item.What’s the use of thinking about confusion?The word confusion is thought out, but the action itself is made.I have also thought about going to Japan to study or work, to experience another life.In zhihu forums, some people said, “Why bother when you are 36 years old? Don’t you have a wife or children?””And some said,” I came out when I was 40, and I’m doing fine now. Don’t care about age as long as you want.”In short, it’s all about it.In my opinion, the real “opinion” and “way of living” are only in my own mind.Confused as action, perhaps there are many beautiful scenery on the road ahead, and look at the scenery along the way is the meaning of living.# 36-year-old woman ## Get out of the mood ## What’s the most important in middle age ## How to deal with a midlife crisis #