Xu Mengtao hangs gold, Gu Ailing dai Yin, Zhangjiakou Awards Square presents “China red”

2022-06-04 0 By

Tonight, with the cooperation of music and lights, the Zhangjiakou Awards Square is more dazzling and bustling.The evening respectively carried on the Chinese veteran Xu Mengtao and the new generation of players Gu Ailing two award ceremony.When the ceremony volunteers dressed in “Tang Hua Fei Xue” dress, leading the gold, silver and bronze medal winners of women’s freestyle skiing aerialists on the stage of zhangjiakou Award square, the audience gave the warmest cheers and applause in the temperature of nearly 20 degrees Celsius below zero.Xu Mengtao wanted to stand on the top of the podium, a symbol of honor in front of the gold medal, waving a bouquet of flowers.After raising the national flag and playing the national anthem, she invited the silver and bronze medalists to take a photo together, and the audience gave them warm applause.Gu Ailing’s award time also went on as scheduled, this is the first time she boarded the zhangjiakou competition area of the award square, chest wearing a medal, the national flag was rising again.In an interview after the ceremony, the two medalists said they hope to win more glory in the competition, let the National flag fly high, and wish all the family reunion in the Lantern Festival.