Little glacier indirectly led to the collapse of the Ming Dynasty, to what extent?It can blow your mind

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China now many scholars in the study of Ming’s experience is no longer as before meet in political literature summarizes the history, with the development of modern science and technology, we live today that the environment and our ancestors lived before the environment can be carefully restored, so in the research of the history of Ming and qing dynasties,Once that kind of emperor foolhardy, a dynasty must perish at the end of the absolute speech began to appear limitations, more and more people from a larger pattern and Angle put forward although the Ming Dynasty is inevitable, but there are too many accidental factors.According to many of today’s meteorologists and historians, the idea that the Ming dynasty indirectly perished in the Little Ice Age is a novel one, and one that is not as cyclical as the traditional idea of the end of dynastic destiny and the transition of destiny.The previous theory was simply a forced addition used to explain the life cycle of the dynasty in the feudal empire era, and the impact of the change of meteorological environment on agriculture made farmers lose their livelihood and had to rebel, and then indirectly or directly became the last straw to pressure the Ming Dynasty.Is known at the time of emperor wanli Ming dynasty already started going down in the dumps, fortunately, wanli just began to reign when he met a generation of sage zhang juzheng, zhang juzheng presided over ten years of reform and the reform of the Ming dynasty lasted for life, slow down the process of land acquisition, to Ming court a lot of financial income, increase or decrease of the TreasuryThis makes wanli emperor in the late three major war money, but it is a pity that the wanli emperor does not care about the three major wars are easily won, wanli emperor placed great hope to eliminate the gold eight banners after the Salhu war is a crushing defeat.After the defeat of the Salhu war, Emperor Wanli looked from his own body and the country of Daming.He has lost the enterprising heart, actually because of daming Treasury actually is in a state of deficit, said a little bit more simple is to have no money in the coffers of the Ming court, no money support large-scale fight combat as before, but this time from the early 17th century to the 18th century ushered in a global cooling.This is because the temperature drop is not enough to wipe out plants and animals on a global scale, and the actual period in history that led to the extinction of saber-toothed tigers and mammoths is called the Ice Age.This drop in temperature was called the Little Ice Age, and it was also very serious. The impact on the northern Part of the Ming Dynasty was very serious, because many food crops were directly frozen to death due to the decrease in temperature, and the abnormal sunspot activity directly led to the failure of grain harvest in many northern provinces.The effect of the Little Ice Age This state of no harvest among the farmers must not last long, generally lasting one to two years can also make the government to pay for the people’s bottom, but if it lasts more than three to five or ten years will have a great impact on a dynasty.But can we imagine that the Little Ice Age of the Ming Dynasty directly caused the crop failure of many farmers in the north for decades?In winter, most of the crops were frozen to death, and in summer, floods and locust plagues were caused by natural disasters. Ignorant people thought that the Emperor had no virtue.At the beginning, people would only think that the emperor had done something wrong, or that there were treacherous officials around the emperor, so god would send a natural disaster to punish us, the little people. If this natural disaster was solved, it would be good. The matter and the people’s complaints about the government would soon pass away.But the problem is not solved after the people day after day to the official court disappointed, and finally will think that the court has lost the mandate of heaven, many people began to wake up, think that the Ming Dynasty is not good, has come to the point of change.The little ice age cooling and emperor wanli of the Ming dynasty last years, and revealed the emperor and emperor chongzhen decades of all kinds of natural disasters has caused many provinces north of daming people actually already lost faith in the court, plus the time of the Ming dynasty did not attach enough importance to local disaster, even emperor chongzhen herself very seriously,To sell their dragon chair, but the local corrupt officials in the relief in the money after the food is began to line their own pockets, not to take care of the people’s lives.These directly led to the lack of the Ming dynasty relief, widespread corruption money though is that some local officials, but the people hate in heart will always be a great court, so the time of the north of daming where there are natural disasters, where there will be many corrupt officials, the only reason why is because after natural disaster relief funds are these corrupt officials took it away,The more serious the disaster, the more money and food the imperial government would have to rescue, and the more money and food the corrupt officials got from corruption, one by one would be eating more and more fat in the process.Ice age make triple stimulate the little ice age actually harm the people after the crops in the whole big produced at least triple stimulation of the Ming dynasty, this is the first stimulus appeared in Ming dynasty to the affected people, a lot of the affected people if you have food in the home can survive for a period of time, there is no food have land will sell their land to the landlord,After a lifetime of several generations of vassal landlords, finally without land, food, relatives or friends to help lose their most humble jobs and desperate people like Li Zicheng rose up and tried to overthrow the decadent Ming Dynasty.So the little ice age directly led to the people lose their livelihoods and uprising, and finally the uprising of the refugees and the local unrest caused by local government are refugees, big grassroots administrative agencies of the Ming dynasty was destroyed, the court appointed officials and small collectors are killed by angry refugees, this directly led to the place empty is not on the tax,Without taxes, Chongzhen could not maintain the Liaodong Corridor and the Shanhaiguan line, so emperor Chongzhen needed to gather soldiers and commanders to suppress these refugees, and the soldiers needed money to fight, which even emptied the Treasury of The Ming Dynasty, which was the second stimulus indirectly brought to the Ming Dynasty by the Little Ice Age.The third major stimulus caused by the Little Ice Age was the nomadic, fishing and hunting peoples from the north, which were mainly represented by Mongolia in the north and the later Jin Jurchen in northeast China in the late Ming Dynasty.As the temperature kept decreasing, the herdgrass froze to death and a large number of cattle, sheep and horses froze to death. Many of the nomads could not eat. In order to avoid their own death and the extinction of the tribe, they had to go south to plunder daming to solve the damage caused by the natural disaster to them by shifting the crisis.This triple stimulus is the reason why Emperor Chongzhen was helpless after the death of Emperor Wanli and emperor Tianqi. The triple stimulus is more or less from the cooling stimulus of the Little Ice Age worldwide and the natural disasters caused by the abnormal movement of sunspots to the earth’s environment.These directly detonated the Ming Dynasty, resulting in the Ming dynasty for more than ten years of internal troubles and foreign troubles, as to whether there is a solution, in fact, there is, after all, the Chinese people since ancient times have believed that man can conquer nature.Summed up the little ice age indirectly caused the malaise in the Ming dynasty, and then the hand of death and li, it is very reasonable, analysis of the causes of the a new Ming emperor chongzhen was actually how to deal with the little ice age or is there a way to, a financial crisis and the deficit entirely take when jiangnan what operation can use the army,Where there was an inexhaustible supply of money and food to reassure the bankrupt farmers of the north, the nomadic and hunter-gatherer tribes of the north would be economically blockaded and starved to death.