If you suddenly won $10 million, what would you do?

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“Money in luck will eventually be spent by strength”, this sentence is most appropriate for Xiao Li.Because at the beginning he won 10 million, less than a month spent, so after winning the big prize, I hope we must plan well.In 2010, in a third-tier city in Henan province, Xiao Li accidentally reached 10 million, after tax deduction, hand 8 million, for this unexpected income, it can be said that Xiao Li is happy for three days and three nights, after winning the lottery in their relatives group distributed red envelopes, are eleven thousand hair.At that time, everyone thought he was a mobile phone problem, did not think he told his relatives that he won ten million, this instant fried pot.The next day to his family to borrow money can be said to be countless relatives, know not know to borrow, this time Xiao Li is very difficult, borrow is not, do not borrow is not.In all desperation can only borrow points.After borrowing, he took the rest of the money to buy a villa, spent three million, bought a sports car spent more than one million, since then quit his job, drinking and drinking every day, play very happy.And so it went on day after day.During this period, he also went to Macao once, and finally lost all the money he had left, and sold his car and house, leaving nothing at last. It can be said that he was very regretful at this time, but there was no way to recover all this.So AT the beginning, I used a sentence “the money in luck will eventually be spent by strength”, which is the result of Xiao Li winning 10 million yuan. If you don’t plan well, you will eventually consume all the money.Before we talk about this, let’s calculate how much money we can get when we get 10 million. According to normal calculation, if we win 10 million and deduct 20% tax, then we get 8 million. If we donate a sum, then we should get about 6-7 million.So normally when you get it, it’s about $7 million.Now let’s look at how to plan.The first step: be silent as the saying goes that muffled voice made a fortune, this sentence for the lottery won the big prize that is the best summary, the lottery won the big prize must be silent, or there will be a lot of people looking for you to borrow money, as the saying goes rich in deep people have guests, poor in the downtown no one asked.When everyone knows that you have money, borrowing money is inevitable and may even bring some danger to yourself, because there are always some people who like to find things for you, such as: the village road needs to be built, investment in a primary school, etc.So this time the first step to win the prize, must be silent, and even say their parents do not tell, because they are afraid to spill the beans.So the first step must be silence.Step 2: Business as usual When you have done the first step, the second step is business as usual, do not quit your own job, do not go to a high-profile publicity, everything as you did before the lottery.Of course, this step is really a little difficult, but I want to tell you that it is easy to fight, but it is very difficult to keep jiangshan, although the prize is also very difficult, but want to spend this money is also a minute thing.So if you’re not super competent, business as usual is the best option, because no one knows you’ve hit the jackpot.Step 3: add the necessary assets and raise living standards is very important in this step, nature is one of the awards will be to improve their standard of living, but you have to have a reasonable excuse, so this time you can try, and all the relatives and friends to borrow money, if willing to lend you, return you ten times to others, is not willing to lend you also do not want to blame others.At this time, we can add some houses or cars and improve our living standard. We can also buy some luxuries that we dared not buy before.After all, only after experiencing this kind of life will there be a greater motivation to strive to make money.To experience what it feels like to hit the jackpot.But these must need to control a degree, do not excessive consumption, after all, people’s desires are endless, only to control their own to have a good consumption habit.When you add some assets, some friends and family will come to borrow money from you. This time you can talk about the original did not lend you money, and you can tell others that your own money is used to buy assets.The fourth step: reasonable planning of the use of funds this step can be said to be very important, many people do not do advance planning, leading to their own in a very short time to win the lottery money, so planning the use of funds in advance is very important.Then how to plan it, in this also give you analysis: 1, divide the money into several parts to 7 million for example, in addition to improve life, purchase assets, at least to leave about 4 million, because this is to ensure your future life a best result.Although it is difficult to earn 4 million yuan, when you hit the jackpot, you still need to keep the 4 million yuan, which is quite a guarantee for your future life.With a capital of 7 million, it is a very good choice to use 3 million to improve life and the remaining 4 million to manage financial affairs.2, the choice of financial management as the saying goes do not put eggs in one basket, that is also 4 million do not choose to save a place, you can choose time deposit, national debt, certificates of deposit, funds, stocks.If I were you, I would choose to deposit 1 million yuan in time deposit for three years. The interest rate can reach about 3.5%, and the annual interest is 35,000 yuan.Second with 1 million deposit to the CD, select the five-year period, the interest is very high, can reach 4.5%, the interest is 45000 yuan, final reoccupy 500000 to investment funds, with 500000 choose a two stocks, such benefits as long as you stick to it, eventually can be more than the above two ways of financing,But the risk of these two ways is relatively large.And then you have $1 million left and you can start a business, or you can invest in some other company, or if you have to, you can buy Treasury bonds, which is a good option.That $4 million is enough to guarantee you a good standard of living for the rest of your life, even if you don’t work.In ten million, there are a few bad habits do not go contaminated with the first: do not go contaminated with yellow, D poison this is a very dangerous place, accidentally if infected with these habits, light is to spend all the money, heavy is that they also have to assume certain legal responsibility.So don’t go to these places, also don’t go to contaminated, not only affect yourself, but may destroy the whole family.The second: don’t live a life of dissipation life some people thought he was in awards will feel finally can have a very luxurious life, but it’s easy to let yourself to sink in, occasionally a luxury can be, but if not only so for a long time for your body will have a big impact, at the same time for the money cost is also a big cost.So be sure to stay away from the life of debauchery.It is easy to go from frugality to extravagance, but it is very difficult to go from extravagance to frugality, so don’t live such a luxurious life.Third: do not blindly to invest, to start a business many people always feel that they lack an opportunity, lack of a platform, when they have money always want to experience a boss feeling, if you do not have a certain ability, no skills, then you go to start a business is undoubtedly their own to jump into the fire pit.Therefore, when you do not have strong ability and limited social network resources, it is not easy to start a business or invest. Only when you have a skill or ability in all aspects can you invest and start a business.Finally: lottery ten million, can be said to be very lucky, this time you just need to guard their wealth, you can live a very good life.Don’t go to some bad habits, do a good financial planning in advance, not to be very high-profile, to understand the truth of silent wealth.