Do this in two seconds and avoid catching a cold

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In cold weather, people often close their doors and Windows in order to resist the cold.However, while we are enjoying the warmth of the room, the air is dry and not circulating.Many people wake up in the morning feeling dry mouth, even nasal bleeding or cold, these symptoms are called “heating disease”.”Heating sickness” is not a disease, but a series of symptoms caused by heating.Its appearance and we do not open the window for a long time, resulting in indoor dust, bacterial deposition has a great relationship.Adults breathe in about 10,000 liters of air a day, and without ventilation, bacteria and viruses can’t get out, which can contribute to heating sickness.Therefore, major Cold solar term, we must remember – appropriate Windows!A lot of people used to open the window before going to work in the morning and come back in the evening to open the window, that the ventilation time is longer, the effect is better.But in fact, this window opening method just happens to coincide with the peak air pollution in the city before and after sunrise and in the evening, which is not good for the indoor environment.The correct approach is to open the window at 10 o ‘clock in the morning to 4 o ‘clock in the afternoon for ventilation, the dust in the air during this time period is less, and the air quality is relatively good.02 Mistake area two: when the winter also blows the draught ventilation, in order to avoid the indoor person against the wind and cold, each room should take turns to ventilate, try not to open all the Windows at the same time, prevent the draught to hurt people.When somebody in the home, had better add some clothes before opening a window, because room temperature drops suddenly after lest opening a window and sicken.It should be noted that the indoor temperature should not fall below 16℃ due to window opening, and it is best to control it at 16℃~22℃.At present, the general air purifier on the market can only dust, in addition to lampblack and odor, a little better to kill bacteria and viruses.However, using air purifiers in enclosed Spaces for a long time may cause secondary pollution. When the air quality improves, it is not necessary to turn on air purifiers for a long time. Natural wind should be the optimal choice.04 Mistake area four: cooking just open a window a lot of people think, only when cooking just need to open smoke lampblack machine, and do not use lampblack machine however when boiling water stews soup, also do not open a window.In fact, even just boiling water, gas exhaust can easily collect in the kitchen and spread to the living room and bedroom.So, as long as gas is used, it should be ventilated.Materials: Health China editor: Wu Xingting