A Chinese Odyssey 2: Wild dog with a point brush willow also point 40 lingxi?He is a feral dog collector

2022-06-04 0 By

There are a lot of personality players in the big talk. Once I thought it was weird enough to practice a negative sensitive clay monster into a super sensitive pet, but recently a player shared a wave of his collection of wild dogs, which is really high without garbage, and no garbage with his heart.The first wild dog is a point 173, but also ate 3 keel, it looks like this is made into a blood pet, as well as a good hidden in the face of these advanced skills, I do not know how the actual effect in PK, looking at the anti-fairy law and the effect of ghost fire is also good, should still be quite practical.The second one is similar to the first one, but the skill is obviously less, and there is no color change effect, but this data is also because of the reason of the level, it looks very good.The third dingo also carries the great Hidden in the sun skill, and also has the wind fire to set the prairie fire, presumably this is a hyposensitive funk pet?This one is more practical, it is a blood attack wild dog, with the skills of flower brushing willow, but also opened 40 points of lingxi, skill grid progress is also 14/14, can only sigh rich capricious.Here comes, here comes the sensitive dog, this highlight is not very big, skills to create is not particularly bright.This wild dog is a little awkward, can only be used as a sensitive funk pet, 1518 speed is really a little awkward.This one is relatively much better, more than 2000 sensitive, for the average player about 1800 speed, basically not disorderly sensitive, and skills are relatively practical, estimated cost is also very high.After seeing so many wild dogs, do you admire such personality players?As for you, which wild dog do you like best?Feel free to leave a comment.