To promote the maintenance and development of rural roads, Yunnan allocated 2.13 billion yuan in maintenance funds

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Kunming Information Port news reporter Dai Yun learned from the Yunnan Provincial Department of Finance that in 2022, the provincial fiscal innovation “three focus”, took positive measures to optimize and adjust the expenditure structure, arranged to allocate 2.13 billion yuan of rural road maintenance funds, accelerate the rural road from “reconstruction light maintenance” to “construction and maintenance equal” coordinated transformation.We will focus on improving the guarantee capacity and strengthen the function of capital guidance.Adhere to the “road must be maintained, road must be managed”, implement the rural road maintenance project “7351” subsidy policy and rural road daily maintenance “1053” subsidy policy, the provincial finance coordinated the central and provincial funds, fully allocated to each city in 2022 rural road maintenance funds of 1.58 billion yuan, an increase of 11% compared with the previous year.Support local governments to promote the construction of rural roads and Bridges in the province, strengthen the daily management and maintenance of rural roads by classification and classification, and improve the accessibility of rural roads and the capacity of basic public transport services in the province.To promote the sustainable development of rural roads under the principle of paying equal attention to construction and maintenance, 550 million yuan has been allocated to guide and encourage local governments to increase investment, jointly promote the construction of rural road safety and life protection projects, and improve the quality and efficiency of rural road safety and maintenance.We will focus on improving the efficiency of funds and accelerate the implementation of the budget.The competent departments of the compaction industry are responsible for budget execution, and strengthen the execution and management of special transfer payments from the province to the next special transfer payments. After the approval of the annual budget by the provincial People’s Congress, effective measures shall be taken to urge the departments to speed up the allocation of funds, smooth the channels of fund allocation and allocation, realize the rapid allocation of funds, and lay a solid foundation for budget implementation.Strengthen the guidance to the subordinate, strict performance management, regular scheduling of the implementation of funds, urge all localities to implement the main responsibility of the supervision of the use of funds, avoid “money and other projects” and the use of funds to give full play to the efficiency of the use of funds.We will focus on improving management efficiency and effectively strengthen capital supervision.Carefully read in the past year execution problems of rural road maintenance funds, strengthen the improvement measures, strengthen the capital efficiency of the budget management research, with enough with good direct capital management mechanism, will 2022 rural road maintenance projects, all included in the central direct management of funds, to explore and improve rural highway daily maintenance subsidy funds into direct capital expansion circumference at the provincial level,Relying on the direct fund monitoring system, we will track the progress and direction of fund use in real time, urge local governments to strictly regulate the use of funds, and strengthen the ability to detect and correct problems such as slow use of funds and embezzlement.Declaration: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address: