Suzhou, Jiangsu province, it’s snowing!Is this it?

2022-06-02 0 By

Just!It’s snowing in Suzhou!According to suzhou meteorological news, currently wujiang Shengze, Wuzhong District, Qionglong Mountain New Area science and Technology city has appeared snow qionglong Mountain Wujiang Shengze High-tech Zone science and technology city, however, due to the limited water vapor supply, the magnitude of rain and snow is not large.According to the afternoon forecast issued by suzhou meteorological Department ↓↓↓ This afternoon, there will be light rain in the whole city, and there will be light rain to sleet or light snow at night.Mingjun also got in touch with the initiator of the “snow licking army”, “Pungyi” user Ricky, who said that he set up the flag because he was “so excited to know that it was going to snow”.Ricky also told Mingjun that he was from Lianyungang. He came to Suzhou in 1997 and still remembered the heavy snow in 2008 and 2018.At that time the heavy snow, thick snow, covered in jiangnan water town, this scenery has never seen, too beautiful!Yeah!The reason why we use this “extreme” way to look forward to the arrival of snow is because as long as a snow, Suzhou dream gusu!Mingjun sorted out 18 years of snow to see which year’s snow impressed you the most?# Suzhou # is it snowing where you are?Come and chat in the comments section